Top 20 Energy Saving Tips


Top 20 Energy Saving Tips

13 May 2009

1.    Make sure all your light bulbs are new long life energy saving bulbs

2.    Save water – put a brick (or a ‘save-a-flush’ or a ‘hippo’) in your toilet cisterns

3.    When you buy appliances (like a fridge or a washing machine) look for the AAA energy efficiency rating

4.    TURN EVERYTHING OFF – don’t leave on things on standby

5.    Power down your computer when its not in use. Don’t use a screensaver - and unplug peripherals and routers when not in use

6.    TURN DOWN your thermostat – one degree saves a lot of energy and money

7.    If you own your home, double glaze  - or even triple glaze

8.    If you do or even if you don’t own the house – is it worth insulating the loft? This might save money

9.    Use rechargeable batteries

10.    Recycle bottles, plastics, paper and cans – most councils now have very good facilities

11.    Recycle printer ink cartridges and mobile phones – many charities can help

12.    Schemes like ‘Freecycle’ means that you can find homes for unwanted but useful things

13.    Change your electricity to a green supplier - if you can.

14.    Can you install solar panels, photovoltaic cells or a wind turbine to generate electricity?

15.    Check out the Energy Saving Trust at or call 0800 512012

16.    Do a simple carbon footprint calculation for free at

17.    Ride a bicycle if you can – they use no petrol and you get fitter

18.    Buy local products and save on food miles

19.    Think about public transport – do you have to use the car?


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