The Courteeners count down to Wireless

United Kingdom United Kingdom | 09 June 2008

1. Morrissey (Main Stage Headliner, Friday 4th July)

"He's just the master isn't he? A true artist, inspiration, icon, poet, wit and gentleman to boot - way too wonderful in a world where all that most men have to declare is their jeans. As soon as we finish our set at Wireless, the first thing on our minds will be ensuring we can get a good spot down the front to watch Moz. His new single All You Need Is Me is complete, trip yourself up genius and I, for one, am longing to lap it up live when SPM shows us all how it's done on a sunny evening in London."

2. The Rascals (Sandisk Stage, Friday 4th July)

"They played a few dates with us on our last tour. Utterly adorable, lovely lads with some top tunes. There's just something about their music that's truly irresistible, one of the best bands to come out of the North West in a good while; we're really looking forward to their album."

3. The Whip (Sandisk Stage, Saturday 5th July)

"We played with them in London a few weeks back. Of course, they are from Manchester which is where we do a great deal of our dancing and, if you like dancing – in clubs, in the street or in the supposed safety of your own home - then The Whip offer many transcendent tunes to soundtrack those ecstatic evenings - Divebomb, Trash and Sister Siam are just a few of our faves."

4. Black Kids (Sandisk Stage, Friday 4th July)

"They played with us at King's College last year - I think it was one of their first English gigs. We heard some of their tunes on the internet and then we were asked if they could play with us we said 'yes' (of course) because they're class. Just like what we is!"

5. Dirty Pretty Things (Main Stage, Friday 4th July)

"The first album is amazing - a modern classic. We can't wait to see them in Hyde Park. It's only a bus ride from Manchester city centre! Do you know that they changed the tennis courts into basketball courts - is that progress? Loads of mad squirrels around there too and, so the local paper claims, the best paddling pool in Tameside."

6. New York Dolls (Tuborg Stage, Friday 4th July)

"We're playing with them in Greece - I believe the Sex Pistols are playing the same festival. Looking forward to seeing them at both shows. Moz loves them, doesn't he? You know what I was listening to the other day? I was listening to Moz's I'm Driving Your Girlfriend Home off Kill Uncle - it's a real pearl and, if you haven't got it already, it’s well worth searching out. Mute Witness is rather marvellous too."

7. Cut Copy (Sandisk Stage, Saturday 5th July)

"These young Australians' songs are just so refreshing. Feel The Love is a particularly outstanding offering. They're playing in Manchester in June, so hopefully we'll get chance to watch them before Wireless. They’re playing at Night & Day and if you’re ever in Manchester you could do worse than go in that particular venue and tell the main man there - Dickie C - that you know us – and request some free bottled beer. He loves us does Dickie but what he loves even more than us is guzzling beer and sharing it out – good old Dickie, what would we all do without him?"

8. The Duke Spirit (Bella Union Stage, Friday 4th July)

"Leila Moss is such a star and a pretty perfect performer. Someone told me they recorded their last album in Joshua Tree - that's pretty fucking brilliant isn't it?"

9. Beck (Main Stage, Friday 4th July)

"Bit of a genius really isn't he? I love his puppet show. Devil's Haircut is a song and a half and, fact fans, one of the only tunes Noel Gallagher has ever remixed - I reckon. There's just something about Beck; he's a prophet and a pusher... a real walking contradiction."

10. Adem (Bella Union Stage, Saturday 5th July)

"I heard Adem’s Statued on the soundtrack to Dead Man’s Shoes. It’s a slow acoustic number that really draws you in. I know most people have seen Dead Man’s Shoes but if you haven’t you really should. Shane Meadows is a genius and Dead Man’s Shoes is one of the greatest films of all time – Paddy Considine and Toby Kebbell are immense in it. Maybe we should all go to the pictures together some time….."

The Courteeners release their new single ‘No You Didn’t, No You Don’t’ on 23rd June and will be performing on the Sandisk Stage at this years O2 Wireless Festival on Friday 4th July.

The O2 Wireless festival takes place Thursday 3rd July to Sunday 6th July. Day tickets are available to buy now from £45. Tickets and updates at

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- Photographer: Shirlaine Forrest

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