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Protect your hearing at festivals with 20% off earplugs

18 Jun 07
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Our interepid 'ear correspondant' Dan Fahey battles the UK's loudest festival, Download, armed with a pair of earplugs..

Festivals are loud!  That’s a given.  One weekend away can take up to two weeks and three packets of cotton buds until get your hearing back and then there’s the long term damage to your ears.  At Download I tested out ear plugs from – they came to my [hearing] aid…

Festivals can reach up to 120dB and we’ve probably all found ourselves trapped next to the bass speaker for Beastie Boys or fixed at the front for Fabio and Grooverider. And, of course, there's nothing worse than struggling to get any sleep because of the drunken ‘one-man party’ who seems to be ‘avin’ it’ all night. 

You may worry more about the lack of sleep you're getting, but have you thought about protecting your hearing?  Once it’s gone it doesn’t come back, so Virtual Festivals has teamed up with to get you 20% off (and 40 winks more). Simply use the discount code “festivals” when you come to checkout.

Download is the loudest festival in the UK with all manner of rock, metal and general leaving many somewhat deaf.  From Mastodon to Maiden and DragonForce to Devil Driver, the festival isn’t for those who like things a little bit quiet. 

But this year I was a lucky sod and I was given some ear plugs from to test out and boy did they work!  Their Mack’s Ear Seals stopped Slayer from shredding one of my five senses by reducing those death metal decibels to a level that allowed me to enjoy the music.  The plugs reduce noise by up to 27dB and are perfect for festivals, where the sound comes and goes.  They even cut out the noise enough to allow me to hold one of those, ahem, ‘normal’ conversations at the bar afterwards without having to use a hearing horn.

Then comes the hard bit – the campsite.  Festival campsites are notoriously noisy; either your girlfriend’s snoring after comatosing herself on quadruple vodkas or someone is tripping over every guy rope in the vein hope that their final stumble lands them in their bed.  But normally it’s the one-man, one-tune, singing jukebox that keeps the party slurring on.

At Download it was no different and this year’s festival jukebox, powered by a dayful of beer, had selected to repeat 10CC and Depeche Mode for his audience, complete with northern drawl and intermittant catchphrase 'Jackpot' (funny for about three minutes).  With my air bed half deflated and his fourth rendition of ‘Dreadlock Holiday’ elongated, it was looking like another sleepless festival night until I popped in my Mack’s Ultra Safe Sound Soft Foam Ear Plugs and silenced his song selection.  The sound was drowned out as if he’d finally run out of coins just before I ran out of patience.  They reduce sound up to 32dB and are the ideal snore blocker for that girlfriend or boyfriend of yours…

So next time when I tick off my festival check list, I won’t forget my earplugs – my wellies I can live without! Click HERE to get your ear plugs and get that checklist ticked off – don’t forget to enter the promotional code “festivals” when checking out to get your 20% discount.



Posted by snorestore on 18/06/2007
If you want better value and a FAR better range of earplugs (including Alpine's top-rated MusicSafe plugs) then you would be better off visiting us at . We supply Glastonbury festival goers ...

Posted by RobertHall83 on 09/09/2007
Looks like yours are more expensive as you charge for shipping - plus there is a 20% off coupon here for Your site looks pretty dodgy too.

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