Download Festival 2014 - Day Three round-up

All the highlights from Sunday at Donington

Photographer: Sara BowreyAnna Hyams, Ali Ryland on 16 June 2020

It's the last day and, typically, it's drizzling moodily. Glam rockers Winger (7) spice things up a bit with Greg Wilson of Dillinger Escape Plan on the bass, while Buckcherry (7) bring their own brand of 80's style rock to the masses. Richie Sambora (8) of Bon Jovi fame, accompanied by rock goddess Orianthi, wows the crowd with Bon Jovi hit 'Dead Or Alive'.

Sepultura (9) are allotted a shamefully short set, not even getting to play 'Refuse/Resist'. This seems an oversight when the Brazilian band are so well-loved; chants of 'Sepultura' permeate through the crowd, unasked for circle pits abound. Sabaton (9.5) lament their similarly short slot, promising that they “will be back” as their cheesy brilliance lends them the title of one of the best acts of the weekend.

Meanwhile, Crazytown have drawn a deceptively large crowd that amasses far outside the Pepsi Max stage. “We're here to see that one Crazytown song, 'Butterfly', then staying on for Black Stone Cherry” one fan says; the knowledge that the southern rockers are returning to be the secret act has spread, Black Stone Cherry shirts being sold on merch stalls being a major give away. Cursed with a short appearance, the Kentucky crooners effect a homecoming of sorts with 'Me and Mary Jane'; the track was played for the first time at Download last year.

There must be something about Sunday and bands with a brilliant back catalogue receiving very little time to showcase it, as Against Me! (8) only have thirty minutes to strut their stuff. Opening with 'Pints of Guinness Make You Strong', it's a wonder the punk rockers haven't been booked to play debut album 'Reinventing Axl Rose' in full. Nevertheless, it's heartening to see Downloaders enjoy new record 'Transgender Dysphoria Blues'. Steel Panther clash with the punk favourites, causing some pogoing fans of the band to shout “fuck Steel Panther!”- highlighting the fact that Download does also draw a crowd that agree with #yesallwomen, and not #yesalltits.

What we've heard...

Only six of a possible ten campsites are open this year, but campers are still as cramped as ever. It's thought that 20,000 less people are here this year- 70,000 compared to last year's 90,000- hence the closed campsites.

The new cinema tent has been a hit, except for the blaring fairground rides nearby, which make it hard to hear the films. Let's ban those annoying rides from having sound.


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