Go Dutch: Eight for Eurosonic Noorderslag 2013

Cast your two eyes over eight new talents at Eurosonic Noorderslag

Go Dutch: Eight for Eurosonic Noorderslag 2013

Photographer:Burak Cingi

Chris Swindells - 10 January 2013


Punk meets post-punk at a Swedish synth-pop house party, and they trash the place.

Laura Mvula

Soul singers like Laura are so often trailed by litter of guttural music journalism cliches, but in her case the terms raw, beautiful and breath-taking are wholly justified.

Public Service Broadcasting

If you listen hard you might just think a school project to make Public Service Broadcasts cool has got A* at the national level.

Holy Mountain

Holy Mountain recorded that first EP in just 17 hours, the results make you wonder what this Scottish trio could manage in a week.

Death Hawks

Featured country Finland have given us A-ha, a cautious interest in ice swimming and a suspect taste for reindeer, but now retro-renogades Death Hawks are about to bring their Norse Longships to Eurosonic and pillage some ears.


When Conor O'Brien released debut LP 'Becoming A Jackal' under the name Villagers in 2010 his world changed. After the Mercury Prize and worldwide success that followed he now returns to Eurosonic with a critically acclaimed follow-up '{Awayland}' to change his world all over again.


It takes up to ten people to make the Rubik live show the intense spectacle it's become today. Since 2013 these Finnish pop-rock pedlars have toured their finely arranged


Psych-rock from the edge of the Mersey. Think The Beatles on acid, so basically The Beatles circa 1967-1970.


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