Testament - Bloodstock 2012 review

'One of the best bands of the weekend so far'

Testament - Bloodstock 2012 review

Photographer:Bob Rose

Anna Hyams - 12 August 2012

A giant ram-horned skull backdrop and a throng of expectant faces greet Californian thrash metal kings, Testament in a triumphant return from their last BOA appearance way back in 2007.

The band's loud and proud screamy nature brings about a frenzied fervour among those hardcore sardine-can fans along the barrier as they roll through 'Practice What You Preach' and 'Native Blood' as well as new track 'Dark Roots of Earth'.

Appropriately named 'Into The Pit' and 'Over The Wall' prompt them to call "You know what to do" to the mass of eager crowd surfers heading towards them, one of which, curiously enough, is riding an inflatable Orca.

Finishing with heavy 'D.N.R' (Do Not Resuscitate) and '3 Days In Darkness', Testament thrash their hardest and make themselves known as easily one of the best bands of the weekend so far. They ought to re-name themselves Bestament.

Post-Show a special announcement is made that not only are 2013 BOA tickets already (yes, already!) On sale, but that Anthrax are already all set for a stunner of a special guest slot.


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