Simian Ghost - Camden Crawl 2012 review

'Melancholic pop has never sounded so sweet'

Simian Ghost - Camden Crawl 2012 review

Photographer: Michael CoxRebecca Laurence on 05 May 2012

Simian Ghost's Sebastian Arnström cuts a slight, bespeckled figure amidst the dry ice and pink lights of Camden's Electric Ballroom stage.

The one-man, multi-talented  boy wonder records solo as Simian Ghost but is joined by Erik Klinga and Mathias Zachrisson on stage. He may be diminutive in stature, but Arnström, together with his band, deliver epic shimmering soundscapes to the sizeable Camden crowd, all performed with a shy indie-boy sensibility.

The Swede's recently released new LP, 'Youth' is not short of plaudits either, with endorsements such as: 'early contender for album of the year' from the Guardian's Paul Lester, no feint praise indeed.
Tonight, the band reproduce the intricate multi-layered textures that make ‘Youth’ a gently rewarding listen, particularly when playing stand-out songs such as ‘Wolf Girl’.  As they play penultimate track, ‘Youth’, Arnström perches between two monitors, languidly swigging from a can of cider. It’s hardly rock frontman theatrics to make Iggy nervous, but somehow fits perfectly with the nonchalant drizzle of the early-evening Camden night outside. Scandinavian melancholic pop never sounded so sweet.



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