Snowbombing 2012: the Slopemeister rules

Ski, sun and sound systems

Chris Swindells - 05 April 2012

Snow all morning and the sound of the revolution at night, Mayrhofen is the Austrian town that moves to the beat of a different party every April. The town will be taken over for the final week of the season with all venues and locations under license to Snowbombing.

Once again sold out, Snowbombing 2012 is all prepped and ready to be the reckoning of more than 5,000 party heads looking for escapism in the idyllic slopes of Austria.

The rules of Snowbombing:

1) No sleep til Heathrow

Mayrhofen runs an all hours policy, from Fatboy Slim in his mid-afternoon street-party-mode to Sub Focus in the early hours bedlam, it's time to leave the watch and night garments behind. Randy Gardner recorded a Guiness World record for 264 hours (11 days) awake so we know five nights are possible. ** Ed: we don't recommend no sleep, two to three hours should do you, for the week. **

2) Go for gold at the street party

Stopping the traffic, parking a stadium rock Funktion 1 P.A system across the main highstreet, with bars and the entire population of Mayrhofen, it's the only event you can't afford to miss - The Snowbombing Street Party.

It’ll be a great opportunity to show off your fancy dress – this year’s theme is The Olympic Games. Hopefully you’ll have something original to compete against the 4 zillion people dressed as the Jamaican bobsleigh team. It might be a bit cold to go as Tom Daley, but it could be your only shot to wear that kind of costume at the festival (see 5).

This year the lord of the dance himself, Fatboy Slim, will oversee proceedings like the beat daddy looking for his kids - be there, right now.

3) Tackle the Hari-Kiri

Not a curry dish, but the steepest slope in Austria - with a mere 78% incline. It’s maybe not for beginners, but you could always take the chairlift next to it to size it up first, and watch as the fails stack up below you. Experts say it’s not that bad, those about to go down it say it looks like the Wall of Death. I'm inclined to say try it - just to get the t-shirt.

How not to tackle the Hari-Kiri:

4) Get romantic in an Igloo

2000 meters above sea lever the White Lounge offers a cozy double sleeping bag, a “leisurely breakfast”, a bottle of champagne and a dinner. It’s actually called the ‘Romance Package’, so no pressure. At 369.00 euros a night, don’t leave the ring at the bottom of the slope!

5) Get naked in the sauna

Not a rule of ours, but one strictly enforced by Austrian speedo police. If you're looking for a relaxing recline in the hot room just remember buff is enough and if you don't you'll get a telling from the Saunameister. 

6) Visit Hans the Butcher

Super Hans, the Mayrhofen butcher, is in form for a long week of meat and merriment. Visit his shop every day of the festival for a Wiener Schnitzel, Tafelspitz (beef), and Fledermaus (pork). He even has some sage advice on what to take with you to the festival on the Snowbombing website.  

Last year’s VF Snowbombing video:

Snowbombing 2012 takes place in Mayrhofen, Austria from 9-14 April.



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