Glastonbury Festival 2004

25 June 2004 - 27 June 2004

Glastonbury 2004: THE TOILETS!

02 July 2004
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Never something for the feint-hearted, but always a primary discussion point, festival toilets have always been somewhere to tread (and sit on) very carefully. But how were they for you?

You hated them! But not as much as in the past it seems, with an overall positive response to festival organisers' attempts to clean up the infamous toilet stink. Some of you even saw fit to take your partners in with you!

The issue of gut-wrenching toilets has long been a topic close to Michael Eavis' heart, who told us on Sunday: "It's terrible to see people queueing miles for the toilets, knowing they're going to be pretty horrible."

To combat the problem of bogs building up with all your ming, 20 vacuum tankers crewed by 120 toilet experts patrolled the site, emptying the 2,500 cubicles into sewage lagoons near the farmhouse. More that 800,000 gallons of waste were collected. Mmmm!

It seemed to do the job though, as you reported the toilets to be in better condition than ever before.

One of our boarders, Mutti, said: "I was pretty impressed with the toilets - they weren't nice, but they were adequate and it seemed like there were plenty of them."

And according to Vixx, they were the best she had ever seen and "nothing to be scared of."

So much so it seems, that in our poll a staggering 17 per cent of you took more than SIX dumps over the weekend. What were you doing, enjoying it?! One in eight people polled managed to last the weekend without going once, but the majority of you fitted in three nose-holding trips.

Opinion was mixed over the success of the She-Pees, some of you saying you may as well have just wet yourself, while others found the female stand-ups far more dignified than the portaloos, which happened to be far less popular than the long-drop bogs. Many of you refused to bother going into the cubicles after dark, despite the efforts of the 'toilet police'.  

All in all then, not as bad as expected, but going to the toilet still has to rank as by far the rankest part of festival life!

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