Glastonbury Festival 2004

25 June 2004 - 27 June 2004

The Best & Worst of Glastonbury 2004

By Sara Bowrey || 27 June 2004
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Every high has a low, like every glorious sunset at this year's Glasto had a sticky brown floor underneath it. We bring you the best sunny highs and muddy lows as we stumbled across them!

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Best drinking competition: VF's Wayne and John terrify Goldie Lookin' Chain with backstage drinking games. Round 1 involved a pint-downing race. The winners got to have a shower of wine sprayed into their mouth (from a foil bag out of one of those classy boxes!). Anyone left standing after that was invited to sing the praises of Ford Sierras, jewellery from Argos and draw in the dance tent. Wikid.

Worst proof that fairies really do exist...

Worst attempt to look excited about being at Glastonbury (Lostprophets): Yes we know it's raining and it's a trifle muddy, but that's no reason to look quite so pee'd off... come on guys you're playing the Pyramid Stage!

Best time of your life: (The Subways)
 Getting to play the Other Stage at Glastonbury after being joint winners of the new bands competition!

Best Blag to get on stage: Either be the son of Glastonbury stalwart Billy Bragg or else become a TU organiser and set up your own festival stage - worked for LeftField Geoff!


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