Glastonbury Festival 2004

25 June 2004 - 27 June 2004

Glastonbury 2004: THE SEX!

02 July 2004
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With thousands of free condoms being snapped up over the weekend, there were no prizes for guessing what everyone was up to as the rain came down!

You Loved It!

There's definitely something in them there ley-lines and this year was no exception, as love blossomed around the Glastonbury site. Loved-up punters were seen snogging everywhere - sets by James Brown, Paul McCartney and Nelly Furtado in particular bringing out the romantics in you.   

Whether with strangers or loved one, on pills or cider, in your tents or in toilets - it seemed like the weather was not the only thing to get you wet.
Those rainy mornings were certainly good for something, with many of you lauding the joys of pole-creaking tent sex, with your modesty protected by a mere stretch of canvas and your noisiness by nothing at all! (Mills and Boon fans may want to check out our message boards for more sordid details!)

Wetwipes became the ultimate sex accessory of the weekend, as couples held their nose and risked all manner of disease in their shows of love. 

The taste of disinfectant to get the juices flowing, or the taste of flowing juices to get you disinfected?? Think about it.

Elsewhere, randy punters were caught with their pants down all over the place, a secluded corner of the Greenfields being a prime location to get down to it late at night.

One message boarder has boasted of having not one but two threesomes over the weekend, while another complained of having to do it while her step-son was in the tent. Some people!

Talking of the more depraved, VF was disturbed to both discover, and hear various reports, of scores of knickers and bras found discarded in some very smelly portaloos. The image is just frightening. What do you think tents were made for?

More than 50,000 free condoms were given out, but there are bound to be dozens of Glastonbury '04 conceptions. One baby was spotted sitting on a potty with 'Made In Glastonbury 2003' emblazoned on it. Aah!

But definitely the most heart warming story happened to one loved-up and very nervous festival goers, who decided to propose to his girlfriend during Damien Rice's set. Click here for the full story.

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