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Relive Glastonbury Festival 2011!

Highlights in news, pictures & video from Glastonbury 2011

We tackle Mexican wrestlers at Glastonbury 2011

Masks, spandex and perversion at Campo Pequeno


Photographer:Peter Corkhill

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Laura Foster | 24 June 2011

It's a rare occasion when you'll find a crowd baying for blood and guts at Glastonbury, but in a colourful bullring in the Common field, all bets are off this weekend.

Fear not, dear reader, for no bulls are due to be slain. The poor creatures set to test the limits of their pain are the Mexican wrestlers of Lucha Britannia.

We're stood in Campo Pequeno, the new performance space with a fantastically diverse programme of Latin-inspired events this weekend.

We're perched on a step in the packed out arena, cowering amongst the bloodthirsty crowd. Strings of primary coloured flags flutter overhead, while a roped-off ring stands empty in the centre.

With time to kill before the masked grappling begins, we make a beeline for Sam Baker, 19, from Larkhill in Wiltshire who is sat amongst the throngs.

"It’s good fun in here, isn’t it?" he said. "I know nothing about Mexican Wrestling, but I’m going to Brazil in October, and I thought it would be good to check out before. I know that Mexico’s a different country, but it’s the same kind of thing, isn’t it?" Errr, yes, Sam.

The DJs bang out a fine array of Latin music, before a gent dressed as a matador with a fine haircut straight out of Hoxton takes to the ring to compere proceedings.

"We’re gonna have a great time tonight. We’ve got violence and blood and guts at Lucha Britannia. Are you ready for violence?!" our matador shouts. The crowd roars as if it’s the last days of Rome, before the fighters are paraded before us.

In a classic good guy versus bad, we have Leon Britannico "defending all that’s left of Britain" against El Transexco, a cross-dressing wrestler in a pink mask and vest.

In a whirl of capes and spandex, the fighting begins. Leon gets in a couple of killer moved before Transexco has him over the ropes, "flirting with penetration," shouts our compere.

With backflips, nipple tweaking and lots of overly dramatic writhing around, our hero Leon unfortunately is flattened by the flabby pink monster, who sits on his head rubbing his groin furiously against poor Leon’s still masked face.

We’re not sure how it’s done in Mexico, but we have a feeling that the fighters of Lucha Britannia have stepped into the more perverse realms of this sport.

Who knew that perversity could be so much fun?



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