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BLOG: Run from the mill: five obscure bands to catch at Glastonbury


United Kingdom United Kingdom | 14 April 2011

They are simply a pick of the bands I personally think will be overlooked in a list of huge names.

Bands obscure in the music they make more than bands unknown and lost in obscurity. If you haven’t heard of these five you should definitely look into them. I suspect enthralling performances from them all. (Plus you get +5 obscurity points redeemable at your nearest hipster.)

Battles are an American band that emerged with the math rock scene and proceeded to be a pioneering force behind it. They garnered critical acclaim and even popular recognition where most other math rockers fell into a more niche fan base. There song ‘Atlas’ has been featured on car adverts, in the PS3 game ‘littlebigplanet’ and managed to make it into the forth series of ‘Skins’ (thanks Wikipedia). All of that aside their debut album ‘Mirrored’ is absolutely mind blowing, a fusion of rock, psychedelia and the crazy sounds dying animals make. It works in a disjointed and fantastic way. The band has an entirely unique sound and put on a live performance not to be missed.

The Kills
I’m not sure how obscure The Kills remain, whether they have perforated the eardrums of the mainstream or not but for any of you who haven’t been acquainted allow me to make the introduction. The Kills are Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince, they are cool. Four albums in and they’ve survived the test of time maintaining an indie clique and credibility. They are so effortlessly cool that it’s a spectacle in itself. If you want to score points for being one of the first to check out their fourth album live then make sure you make your way to this.

The Go! Team
Now this one I’m sure is not a foreign name too any self-respecting Virtual Festivals reader but I’m just covering my bases, this is something you don’t want to miss. The Go! Team are the hybrid baby of Sonic Youth, old school hip hop and hopscotch-style playground chants. Admittedly on paper it doesn’t really work and when you get an earful it might feel a little incestuous at first but you learn to love the dirty mutant scallywag scarily swiftly. It is also impossible to capture what they do on record and do it justice, they shine brightest playing live so go and catch them at their best.

The artist formally known as Manitoba. I was lucky enough to catch Daniel Snaith live before and it was definitely not something I regret. I think his psychedelic sound and unique brand of “Indietronica” will find many an eager ear in the audience at Glastonbury. It’s a euphoric and ethereal trip and decidedly Canadian (read: awesome). If there isn’t a clash with something you’re desperate for, I highly recommended making your way to catch this.

By Matt Miles.
I caught this band a long time ago when they supported some other band I can’t even recall, but they completely stole the show. They are a captivating band to watch. If you are unfamiliar then please make every effort to rectify this. A fusion of Romani music and punk, they blend it together in a very beautiful fashion. Do not mistake this for a Gogol Bordello doppelganger, their sound is entirely different. A live presence unmatched and perfectly suited to the atmosphere of Glastonbury.

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