Trident Top 10

By katie.parsons on 30 December 2010

So ladies and gents - I am now back home and the fun and fabulous festival adventure has ended. BOOOOOO. I had an amazing time - and did so much and saw so much and heard so much - that I decided to go back over the last 30 weeks and relive some of the fun through a series of Trident Top 10 lists.

Yes, was a bit of a happy mission. I have done 30 weeks of travelling. I have posted 900 different blogs. Made 200 videos, Taken over 3000 photos. But every single part has been amazing. There have been countless moments throughout the adventure where I have stopped and said to myself "I hope I remember this forever, because this is so beautiful/amazing/incredible/tasty - and I never want to forget!". Well, to help myself along that memory lane - I am getting old after all! - I will make these lists.

Head over to my Trident Blog to see my Top 10 lists...

Sit back, and enjoy.

Katie P x


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