Introducing MyFests

| 06 February 2008

As a bespoke social networking platform for the festival market, MyFests offers users a rich variety of interactive functionality and user-generated content tools including profile pages, buddy lists, message board forums, comments, ratings, blogs, photo galleries and much more.

Virtual Festivals are supporting the initiative by providing on-going web hosting and technical development. However, MyFests is entirely self-governing, controlled only by the people who use it. As such, it has no ties or obligations to any third party festivals or media properties, making it the world's first truly free online community for festival-goers.

MyFests came about when Glastonbury Festival decided that its own official online community had grown too large (with over 3 Million posts) to effectively manage and that the time had come to lay it to rest. The problem with just pulling the plug on one of the most visited and successful online music communities in the world was that several million active users would be left high and dry, a highly unfavourable scenario.

Virtual Festivals came forward with the solution - to breathe new life into this established community by reinventing it as a stand-alone entity that would now exist as MyFests. The festival's official endorsement would end, but the subscribed community of users and the huge body of content they had produced over the years would remain, with Virtual Festivals providing the resources required to sustain it.

Virtual Festivals Director Steve Jenner comments: "Festivals are all about freedom, and so we are thrilled to have helped turn the end of one community into a glorious new beginning for another. Where other online festival communities are inhibited by the political lines of their owners (usually festival organisers or media properties), MyFests runs free like the wind, like all who use and love it. Freedom of speech is as important in the festival market as in any other and we will do all we can to endorse and support it."

Long live MyFests.

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