Video: Friendly Fires interview at Bestival 2011

Friendly Fires at Reading Festival 2011 by Al De Perez
Friendly Fires at Reading Festival 2011 by Al De Perez

Watch as VF's John Bownas joins Friendly Fires' Ed Macfarlane on some "sexy seating" backstage at Bestival to talk about the line-up at the Rizlab Arena, which the band curated at the weekend.

Dance legends A Guy Called Gerald and Frankie Knuckles were on the bill, while SBTRKT, Lone and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs represented the new school, and with the band collaborating with all of the newer artists, you can see the anxiety that comes from having just two hours’ rehearsal time.

He also takes us back through his experiences with the stage in the past, and how Friendly Fires would always end up there after a playing a set, getting misty-eyed over DJ choices, and the importance of saying “Rizla” in every interview (“I’m being paid money to do it!”).

Plus, as the random cue-card questions come out, we find out who the diva of the band is, why you don’t want to buy Ed a cider, his plans for the National Curriculum, the perils of falling foul of “drunken Bestival politics bollocks” and an extremely professional sign-off.

Not only that Fires fans, the video also shows that, in addition to Mr. Macfarlane’s tremendous dance moves and taste in shirts, he also has a amazing laugh.