The Download Interviews: The Hives

VF caught up with the loveable Swedish rockers The Hives, backstage at the Download Festival. They were either commendably brave or blissfully ignorant in the face of public adversity to their being on the line-up at a metal festival!

[r-zone1]Virtual Festivals: Well well well, so we meet again…
Nic Arson: Have we met before?

VF: No, I just like saying that. Anyway, let’s not beat around the bush. How do you feel about playing in this kind of line up alongside the likes of Slipknot and Metallica then?
Nic Arson: It’s not really an issue. I don’t think we could ever say no to any festival if the Stooges are playing.

VF: How do you think UK festivals compare to the European festivals that you’ve played?
NA: Oh, they’re pretty much all the same, you know.

VF: You’ve got a new album out soon, how is it coming along?
NA: Yeah it’s going very well. Well, actually it’s finished now, it’s called Tyrannosaurus Hives and it will be released sometime in July.

VF: Are you going to hang around the festival after your performance?
NA: Yeah we’re going to see the Stooges and maybe Peaches.

VF: What about tomorrow?
NA: No. We would like to stay tomorrow but we have to fly to Sweden. But yeah, I would like to stay and see Turbo Negro, maybe I’ll get the chance at another festival.

VF: How would you describe the average Hives fan, if such a thing exists?
NA: I don’t really know what our average fan looks like. They used to be all 45 year old record collectors and 14 year old girls. But these days I don’t know. Some of them wear black and white I guess.

VF: Would you ever do an ‘Iggy’ and get naked on stage, Or are you quite happy to stay in your black and white suits?
NA: No we’re happy to stay in the black and white. I mean he does it so much better than we ever could, I mean he’s so defined.

VF: Ok then. Have you got any message for my fans?
NA: Enjoy the record and I’ll see you at the Stooges!