Nic Fanciulli Interview

We caught up with the Superstar DJ backstage at Homelands 2003

You’re making your Homelands debut on the Radio 1 soundstage. You must be quite excited…

Yeah I’m really looking forward to it; doing anything with Radio 1 is always cool. Let’s just hope it doesn’t rain!
Have you ever to been to Homelands before as a punter?

I’ve been a couple of times to Homelands as a punter.
What time are you on?

I think I’m doing 2:30pm till 3:30pm on the Radio 1 stage, but you know how things get moved about.
What can we expect from your set and what type of sound are you playing at the moment?

House Music anything with a good groove goes! There’s loads of cool house music out at the moment!

Will you be sticking around all day?

Gonna try and stick around as long as possible. I really want to see Lee Burridge play, but I’ve got to play at Cream tonight too (Creamfields Launch Party).
The last 6-12 months have been pretty mental for you. You’re resident at Club Class in Maidstone, but I understand that you’ve been guesting everywhere from Cream to Defected, both in the UK and abroad. Fill us in on the gaps…

Yeah, Club Class has been great this year. We’ve had some really good DJ’s like X-Press 2, Steve Lawler & Danny Howells guesting for us & all enjoying it. As for my own guest spots, I’ve been doing stuff with Defected abroad and in the UK and I’ve been really enjoying them, because I get to play a little different from other nights I play at.
Pete Tong recently made your ‘Dancing in the Dark’ remix his Essential New Tune. That’s quite an honour?

It was really cool. I was in my hotel room in Manchester jumping around like a twelve year old! It’s something I think every DJ or producer would like.
What’s next on the Fanciulli production conveyor-belt?

I’ve just written a couple of tracks with Mark Knight which are getting support from Yousef.  I should have a couple of new tracks finished in time for Ibiza.
Also tell us about your own label ‘Portent Records’?

Portent Records is a label that two friends and myself set up about two years ago. It all started as a bit of fun and has carried on that way.
We heard you rocked the Radio 1 Miami party, what was it like out there?

Radio 1 party in Miami was amazing for me because I was only meant to play for an hour before Pete Tong’s show but ended up doing two and half hours, because they moved his show back to the studio. The rest of Miami was OK this year but because of the war, people weren’t going crazy (which was understandable).
We also heard rumours about your first ‘Essential Mix’ for Radio 1 at the start of June…

Yeah I’ve got my first essential mix going out on the 1st June so get the tapes ready!
Plans for the rest of the year?

Just to carry on playing at cool clubs and visiting loads of new countries.