Miles Kane: ‘My LP is a great rock n roll record’

Miles Kane has said that he's tried to follow the acts he loves when producing his first solo album, 'Colour of the Trap'.

Speaking at the Gaymer’s Camden Crawl 2011, the star wanted the follow in the footsteps of the likes of John Lennon and Serge Gainsbourg.

“It means the world to me this record it’s out on the 9th May,” he told VF, “It’s just a great modern day, rock and roll, pop record.

“I wanted to make an album that showed all the different styles of music I love, whether it be [John] Lennon, T Rex or [Serge] Gainsbourg or surf guitarist like Duane Eddy or Lynn Carey.”

He also added: “I couldn’t be happier with it really.”

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Gaymer’s Camden Crawl 2011 will run today (30 April) and tomorrow (1 May) with shows from Lethal Bizzle, The View and many more.

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