InMe Interviewed in London

Essex metallers InMe have long been too huge to ignore. Striking the right chord with teeny-metal MTV2 watchers, we chat to them on yet another sold-out tour.

[l-zone1]Whether you adore them or you want to wrench their heads from off the skinny little bodies, InMe have been sending them pulses of illegal metaller girls racing from one end of the UK to aonther on their latest tour. The UK’s answer to Silverchair, they’re about to embark on a summer of festival appearances.

So how’s the tour going so far?

Dave:    Great!
Joe:       It’s going great
Dave:     2 days in and we’ve played 2 blinding shows and out of the 2 they’ve got better as we’ve gone along.
Joe:       It’s such a weird tour compared to the other one’s we’ve done, cos obviously we’ve done about 4 headline tours now and they’ve just been stepping up and up.  I don’t think we ever really expected to get to this point in our career, especially on the first album.  It’s just been taking off recently and for us playing the Astoria again, to go out and see 2,000 people just for us – it’s an incredible feeling and the same happened in Manchester and Glasgow and it’s just…
Simon: Incredible!
Joe: Incredible!

[r-zone2]Any memorable moments so far?

Joe: I’ve been impressed with the banners.  There’s been some great ones – ‘I want Joe InMe’!!!  Also had a couple of marriage proposals!
Dave: At Manchester we got a barrage of knickers, bras and bracelets – actually hitting us in the face!

So you’re touring with Elviss – you’re all good mates aren’t you?

Dave: Yeah
Joe: They’re really cool guys.  We’ve toured with them before.
Dave: It’s really nice to have someone your comfortable touring with.

[l-zone3]How do you feel sharing the bill at Downlaod with the likes of Marilyn Manson and Iron Maiden?

DaveMarilyn Manson is great to be alongside you know, and your Limp Bizkit, but to us, the most special thing is sharing the stage with Iron Maiden.  It’s one of those things where I never even thought I’d meet Iron Maiden when I was a kid listening to them, let alone play a gig with them!
Joe: It’ll be a really cool day, we’re gonna be there the whole weekend, which is kinda nice cos as a band I think a lot of people don’t realise that you get to festivals and sometimes your just there for a couple of hours then you have to shoot off.

[r-zone4]You’re doing very well, especially as you’re so young – do you have to pinch yourselves sometimes and say ‘look where we are’?

Joe: Yeah! A lot!
Dave: More like a punch in the face!
Joe: We have a lot of moments of realization, but I think stepping onto that stage with 70,000 people looking at you, is kinda like a big moment of realization for us, cos I mean, we’ve heard that we’re sharing a stage with Iron Maiden and people keep asking us about it, but I don’t think it’s really sunk in to us yet, and I think we’re just gonna wait for the day – it’ll be a really surreal day, we’ll just go out there and play.

[l-zone5]What’s it like being up on stage in front of thousands of people? Is it scary?!

Joe: It’s a buzz.
Dave: It’s a really good feeling.  It’s one of those things though, where time is against it and you just want it to last forever, but it doesn’t, so you just have to seize the moment and make the most of it.
Joe: For bands, it’s much more I think to do with, we have a very big ethos that once you go on stage there’s nothing you can do, you know, at the end of the day there’s nothing you can do to effect your performance before you go on stage and there’s nothing you can do afterwards.
Simon: Whatever happens is going to happen.


[l-zone1]Do you ever come off stage saying ‘we should have done this’ or ‘next time we’ll do this’ or feel the need to improve anything?
Dave:     Well, the next day we’ll talk about whatever little mistakes, but generally speaking we all know whether it was there or not.
Joe:   We’ve been together so long now that we’ve got a bit more of an understanding of each other, that’s kind of beyond communicating like verbally.
Simon: Yeah – you don’t have to say anything.
Joe: A lot of it you can tell just by coming off and just seeing people the way they act afterwards and if it’s a good gig then people will be really hyped up and people will be really excited and if its not then people will be a bit more downbeat but we’ve got that kind of relationship where we can tell each other exactly what went wrong and stuff like that and there’s no strops……yet!
Simon: Although sometimes you do come off and nearly fall unconscious so can’t really tell!

[r-zone2]Which of your songs do you like the most?  And which one do you enjoy playing live the most?

Joe: Probably Mosaic
Dave: Mosaic, but we’ve also started doing an acoustic version of a song called ‘Ruins’, which is going down really well.

What other festivals are you doing?  …. Reading?

Joe: The only thing we can say about Reading is that they’d really like to have us and we’d really like to play for them, but we can’t actually say whether we’re doing it yet, but there are a lot of festivals that we will be doing.
Simon: There’s quite a few in Europe.
Joe: Yeah, like European stuff and Japanese stuff that we should be doing.
Dave: ‘Summer Sonic’ in Japan is definitely on.

[l-zone3]Do they go mad for you out there?

Dave: Yeah!
Joe: We’ve just been to Japan and it was pretty intense.  The fans are definitely a different bread of fans out there.

In what way?

Dave: It’s like a religion to them almost.  They’ll follow you around until literally 4 in the morning when you go to bed and then by 12 the next day they’ll be sitting in the hotel lobby still and then when we went to get the plane home they were at the airport – it’s quite intense.
Joe: Literally every time you get in a car, you’ll look behind and there’ll be like 3 cabs lined up with people getting in it following you!

[r-zone4]Are you gonna take a holiday?

Joe: No, we’ve got a break – to write – that’s it!

Well can’t you go and write in Mauritius or somewhere like that!

Simon: Would be nice!
Dave: We could ask!
Joe: It would be quite nice! – but I think instead it’ll be in a breakers yard somewhere
Simon: In Essex
Joe: But I’m sure we can break out the sunbeds and shut our eyes and imagine!!!

What about the future?

Joe: We’re basically gonna finish up this tour, have a break to write and then do some European stuff and then back off to Japan, then the festivals in the Summer….

So you’re busy then!

Joe: Yeah!  We’re totally enjoying ourselves!
Dave: I think if we weren’t enjoying it, we wouldn’t be doing it – cos there’s a lot of sacrifices you have to make and it can be very hard at times.
Simon: You miss your family –  you just make the most of it when you’re back.

[l-zone5]How do you try and incorporate normality into your lives?

Simon: We’ve got a friend that comes on tour with us.
Dave: We’re still adjusting.
Joe: But the great thing is that we’re adjusting to it as friends and we always have that foundation.  We’ve always said that we’re very much a friends band – we were friends before we were in a band rather than co-workers, so we have that foundation that we can work from and if we ever have any problems, we can go to each other.  At the moment we’re just totally happy, getting to see loads of stuff.  We’re enjoying it!