Green Day Kidz Interview

Ever wondered what it feels like to be plucked out of a festival crowd by your favourite band and invited to jam along with them infront of 20,000 people? Well that's exactly what happened to three lucky sods at the Manchester Move Festival!

After the headline performance, Virtual Festivals, green with envy, caught up with “Green day – the next Generation”, aka Mike Prosser, Adam McDonnell and Daniel Bibby – to find out how the experience changed their lives.

[L-Zone1] So, how did you manage to get on-stage?

Adam (Guitar) : The people around me just picked me up and I jumped over the barrier.

Daniel (Drums) : The Drummer in my band was too far back so he passed me a banner he’d made and I got spotted.

Mike (Bass) : After Dan got up they asked for a bass player, I just jumped up and down like a lunatic and I got picked.

[R-Zone2]Were you nervous once you got up there?

A:  Very.
D: No, not really, I’m used to playing live.
M: I just sort of got on with it.  I really get into it when I play, so I don’t really notice what’s going on around me.  That’s probably why I didn’t look at the cameras once!

Has the experience changed your life?

A: Yes but I think it will go back to normal in a few weeks.
D: Yeah, BIG TIME….I never thought i’d meet Green Day… never in a million years. I’ve liked them since I heard Longview way back in ’94. I feel so depressed now it’s over. But it has given me more of an incentive to make it with my band…I  want to play in front of 15,000 people again!
M: I think it might change my opinion of what playing to a big crowd is – My record before was about 250!

How popular were you afterwards?

A: I got asked for autographs, photographs and people noticed me everywhere.
D: Very… I had the rival schools bassist come up to me and say I was a good drummer (even though i’m a guitarist).
M: Very! I got asked for autographs, had my hand shaken, got hugged by hundreds of people. All the way back to the minibus, people were congratulating me.  The most surreal thing was probably standing with Walter from Rival Schools, watching Green Day.  It’s strange hearing one of your favourite bands tell you how good your playing is.

[L-Zone3]Was this the best experience of your life – or has something else topped it?

A: Easily the best moment of my life by far.
D: Yes!
M: I think it would take a hell of a lot to top that day. It really was something special, a once in a lifetime experience. Playing with one of my favourite bands in front of a huge crowd, meeting another of my favourite bands. It doesn’t get much better.

[R-Zone4]Adam – what is it like having Billy’s guitar? [Billy gave his guitar to Adam with the advice “practice, ’cause you suck!“]  It’s amazing to have it standing there in my room; I am going to put it into a glass frame on my wall. Afterwards, the band signed it for me, so it’s worth even more. Yes we are going to insure it!