Get Organised: Fred, Secret Garden Party

Secret Garden Party organiser Fred Fellows speaks to Virtual Festivals at Live UK Awards 2011 about the summer's event and plans for the festival in 2012.

Talking about Secret Garden Party 2011 the organiser picks out his highlight: “Seeing Eddy Temple Morris play live on my stage on the Friday night was a pretty high point for me.

Being non-specific Fred Fellows revealed the site will underago major changes in 2012: “We’ve got some huge developments and improvements coming in.” Adding, “We’re going to have some quite radical changes to some of our stages. We’re now the proud owners of a ten metre high straw fox that sits in the middle of the site that’s just been given to us by the Royal Festival Hall to launch Secret Arts which is our new branch, getting much more involved in the arts and looking at developing the Garden Party site into something that can house art possibly twelve months a year.

Talking about his ideal festival line up Fred revealed, “My absolute ideal one after the other line up has always been Dolly Parton and the Pixies.