Example: ‘Don’t believe everything you read on the flyer’

With a number four album in the bag and two top ten singles released this year, rapper and pop star Example is moving towards the big time. VF caught up with him to talk about festivals, his success so far and his future plans.

VF: So you’ve made it?
Example: “I’ve made have I? Don’t believe everything you read on the flyer. But I do have one of the UK’s biggest selling singles at the moment, which is quite good. And I’m getting a lot of festival bookings and my UK tours are selling out. I’ve sold 60,000 copies of the new album in three weeks.”?

VF: You’re receiving a lot of promotion at the moment and you’ve been hard at the festival circuit this year. Tells us more about it?
Example: “It started with Snowbombing, which was the first one of the year, that went crazy. Then we released the single and album a week before Glastonbury, which helped. Glastonbury has to have been the highlight of my career so far because, you know, I didn’t know how many people would turn up. It was a week after the single was out and you know and obviously the single was a hit by that point, but we were on at the same time as Snoop Dogg at 4.30pm. But that was great and it went nuts. Then we played Wireless main stage and Ibiza Rocks. It’s just all gone… well I can’t really explain it. But I’ve been working hard towards this for seven years, you know a lot of people think I’ve come from nowhere or that I came onto the scene last year with ‘Hooligans’ but I’ve probably written about 200 songs in the last five to six years.”?

VF: So with a lot of material in the bank can we expect more of the same flavour from you in the future?
Example: “Well my first album was primarily hip-hop my second dance. My next album is probably going to be dance-y as well but darker a bit ravey-er probably like a Faithless, Prodigy, Pendulum vibe.”?

VF: So no plans to become more pop.

Example: “I think a lot of people tend to go more pop and sort of eat themselves. Whereas I think the important thing to do is work out whom you appeal to and try to maintain that market.”?

VF:  So what are feeling towards Lounge On The Farm and your performance later?

Example: “Well the vibe feels good, so is everybody sitting around drinking cider all day?”?

VF: And the rest.

Example: “That’s what we need basically. I hope there’s gonna be about 3000 people there tonight, but considering I played here three years ago to 200 people it’s gonna be a good one.”?

VF: Where can VF readers see you next?

EX: “Heading out straight after the gig going to T in the Park.”