Erol Alkan prepares to go South West Four

We catch up with Erol Alkan to chat about his South West Four appearance and see what's he's up to at the moment.

This year South West Four festival is lucky enough to be featuring the Boys Noize Records Arena, a UK festival exclusive! We caught up Boys Noize’s partner in crime and godfather to a generation of clubbers and indie-kids alike, Erol Alkan.

Hi Erol, how has 2010 been so far for you?

Erol Alkan: “Hello, it’s been swift. That’s possibly only the best way I can describe it.”

You state many influences on your MySpace page but who have been your top three and how have they had an impact on your sound?

EA: “The beauty behind any true influences is that they tend to change quite frequently. I’ve never really looked to anybody else consistently over time, so it’s hard to pick a top three, unless necessity counts as an influence.”

Can you describe the time you realised music was going to be your chosen path?

EA: “With all respect I don’t see it as a ‘chosen path’. In some cases I would say I knew I would be immersed in music as far back as I can remember, maybe going back to when I was four or five.”

How did yourself and Alex (Boys Noize) meet, and was the studio chemistry apparent straight away?
EA: “We met a long while back and I can’t recall how exactly but our first studio sessions were very productive and like in the best sessions I’ve experienced, it didn’t at all feel laboured or had any pressure especially to come up with something worthy. Alex is one of the friendliest, most laidback people I know. I think we’d both hang out together regardless of the fact we are both DJs and producers.”

Describe your studio process, what does each of you bring to the table?

EA: “It varies. Part of my production style is to allow ideas to flow and build on the best ones, so whoever sits at the computer can do so until they feel they have formed an idea that can be built on. I feel that Alex has taught me a few things and I hope he has learnt some things from me, and every time we work together the sessions have always turned out more rewarding through being familiar with one another. Each track we have made has been a different combination of input every time, and I think that is what keeps it fresh.”

What’s happening with Phantasy Sound at the moment?

EA: “Quite a lot. The Connan Mockasin album is getting great reviews across the board, we are about to introduce Babe Terror to the world, we have dance music coming from this kid called Paul Chambers and Late Of The Pier are about to release a remix 12” with reworks by Soulwax and Simon Bookish. There is more music coming up, and it all feels quite exciting.”

You’re playing at this summer’s South West Four Weekender, what does an event like this mean to London?
EA: “Well, being a Londoner myself, it’s nice to be able to go out and see live music in the sunshine and catch the tube home.”

How would you describe your set and why should we come and see what you have to offer?
EA: “I can’t really describe my set – don’t book a DJ who will know what records he’ll be playing in two-months time!”

In the studio which bits of kit are you using, and do you prefer software or hardware?
EA: “A combination of both so I get the best of both worlds, although my Cat Octave synth is broken and I miss it.”

Your summer schedule is looking hectic, what are your essential survival tips when touring?
EA: “Sleep and Berrocca.”

You’ve become known as a tastemaker in terms of new trends, sounds and bands – what sounds are you currently excited about?
EA: “Any kind of Phantasy Sounds.”

How did you get your first break?
EA: “I asked nicely.”

South West Four will have thousands of screaming fans, how different is it playing the festival arenas opposed to the smaller club venues?
EA: “People can choose who they see, so building sets may not work so well as opposed to going in hard.”

And finally, a message for anyone attending your South West Four set?
EA: "It’s going to be amazing!”

Erol Alkan will be heading the Boys Noize Records Arena on the Sunday along with Boys Noize, Switch and A-Trak and many more.

General admission passes are available for £40 either day or £72.50 for the weekend.

Click here to buy South West Four tickets.

??South West Four Weekender (SW4) 2010 will take place on Clapham Common, London from 28-29 August.