Elviss Interview

Gallant supporters of everyone from Coldplay to Kinesis, VirtualFestivals.com chats to another popular upcoming rock band, Elviss.

[l-zone1]So, how’s it going?
Geoff: It’s going well!
Ed:  great
Kurt: Yeah, really well.
Drew: This is our 3rd date.  We did Glasgow, then we did Manchester, then last night we did the Kerrang Weekender – which was a laugh.  This is the 3rd night of the InMe tour, it’s been really good.  I think the InMe crowd have been the warmest crowd that we’ve had as a support band so far.
[r-zone2]What about headlining tours – anything planned?
Kurt: Well, I suppose we will later in the year I think.  It’s all a bit up in the air at the moment.  We’ve got a tour planned, I think it’s for after this & then maybe a couple of festivals, but I know they’re planning on us going to America to do some shows.  But yeah, we want to headline our own thing, that would be great.
Your video plays on Kerrang constantly….it’s a cool video
Drew: Yeah we’re really happy with it.  It was directed by John Clements, who’s a very creative guy and it was done on a smaller budget than it appears, so we were very, very chuffed with the results
[l-zone3]Is that girl naked?
Drew: No
Kurt: Body stocking!

Are you doing any festivals?
Kurt: There’s rumours of Download, maybe Reading
Which ones would you like to play?
Kurt: Download, cos Iron Maiden are playing.  I’d like to play anywhere on the same bill – it’s just fantastic that they’re playing, they’re brilliant.
What music do you like?
Kurt: Well, we like loads really.
Drew: We should carry a list around, because every time someone asks us this question, 10 minutes after we think ‘oh we should have mentioned this band, or this band’!  But yeah, we’re into loads of stuff. 
Geoff: ‘Queens of the Stoneage’! – I love them

Me too!  What else is coming up?
Kurt: We’re playing a gig tomorrow night with Feeder, that’s an acoustic one – in Manchester
What’s it like playing with a band like Feeder?
Drew:  It’s awesome to be playing with such a recognised band as Feeder
Kurt:  Definitely

Your much more of an ‘action’ band though, which is very different to Feeder….
Ed: Our music’s quite different to theirs  – it’ll be interesting.  It’s an acoustic gig so it would be mad for people to hear our songs on an acoustic guitar
Drew:   It’s something we’ve never done before so I think it’s the first time in a long time that we’re a little nervous about it.
Kurt:  oh yeah
[r-zone4]Do you get nervous before any of your shows?
Ed:   I don’t, not usually
Drew: Sometimes you feel a little bit nervous, but as soon as you step out onto the stage and hit the first note and sing the first word then your fine
Kurt:   I suppose it depends on how the sound checks gone and how the venues crew have dealt with you!


[l-zone1]Any touring highlights so far?
Kurt:  yeah, what 3 days in and we’ve already played to 1½ thousand people in Manchester – it was just brilliant.  Yeah it’s been the best one so far.  It was a big venue, big room, seriously packed
Drew:   We’ve found generally when we’re touring that the further North we go the more crazy the kids go definitely. I don’t know if there’s less rock gigs there.  I think for example the kids in London are a little spoilt for choice, there’s a lot of gigs all the time, so it takes a little bit more to impress them doesn’t it? – but up North, they’re just great.  The reception we got in Manchester was amazing – but every night is in someway memorable
[r-zone2]You make a point of meeting your fans after your shows…
Ed:  yeah, we always try and do that
Kurt:Yes always
Ed:  It’s very important
Kurt:  It is important.  If they’ve spent money coming to see you and they come to the merch stand and want to buy a t-shirt and stuff, we’ve finished our show then, we can’t leave the venue, so we can either sit in the dressing room or we can go and see what people think.  It’s interesting to hear what some of the kids have to say, about the music, their opinions.  You do get involved in interesting conversations with them.  You get a fan or somebody who likes the bands side – it’s good.
Drew:  It’s a big part of who we are, its important for us to know that the fans don’t think that we’re aloof in any way and that we’re just normal people, so anyone in the crowd could be up on the stage

[l-zone3]Do you have an album out yet?

Kurt: No we haven’t.  We’ve just released a single, our 3rd single.
Ed: 2nd commercial
Kurt: yeah, 2nd commercial – we did one on our own before which was limited.

Your latest song’s really catchy….
Kurt:  It was a double A side.  The one that you’ve heard is probably quite radio based, called ‘Radio Kill It’ and the other one is a bit tougher which we put on there just cos, I think you need to see the band to get an idea, you can’t just go ‘oh, they’re a pop punk band’ cos they play that record – that alarms me if that’s what people think, so hence the double A side because we are quite different.  A lot of the people that we’ve spoken to after the gigs have said, “I wasn’t expecting that – I thought it was wicked” or it’s always been more than they expected.
Ed:   I think a lot of bands are of the same ilk, d’ya know what I mean, not necessarily the one song being rewritten but it’s so, in that one direction.  But for us, we want every song as a different song.
Geoff:  But there is a common thread to all of them…
[r-zone4]I don’t think it will be long before you hit the big time – will you stay grounded?

Ed: Oh god yeah!
Kurt:  yeah, we’ve been on the road and done about 3 tours and I’m definitely not talking about the people that we’ve toured with, but you bump into people on the road and stuff and that thing about not being grounded is really apparent sometimes, it makes my piss boil to be honest….so yeah, we’ll definitely stay grounded.