Dragonette @ Glastonbury 2007

We caught up with Glastonbury first-timers, Dragonette, to talk about human cargo, golf carts and mud wrestling...

Virtual Festivals: You've just played the Orange Chill n Charge tent, how are you both?
Martina: Good thanks. We only got here 40 minutes before the show! So we haven't really seen much yet.

VF: How did you manage to get through the mud so quickly?
Martina: On a golf cart…
Dan: We’re the human cargo that came with the really important bit.  We got a lot of nasty stares from people wading through the mud.

VF: How are you enjoying your first Glastonbury so far?
Martina: It's crazy!
Dan: We've played a lot of festivals in America but there's something quite different about this one – it's really exciting.

VF: What do you think is so different?
Dan: I think everybody here is participating in something that's bigger than themselves and they're all aware of that. It actually seems to be not about the bands, which is almost never the case at any of the other festivals we've played.

VF: Why do you think that is, the size maybe?
Martina: I think everyone is here to lose themselves and let it all go.  Everyone is ready for that, and it's not like anything I've seen before.
Dan: Even Coachella, which is a pretty cool festival, has a different vibe to this, and also the size contributes to your anonymity.

VF: How long are you staying for?
Dan: Definitely the whole time.

VF: And who are you looking forward to seeing over the rest of the weekend?
Dan: Bjork and I think I'm going to see Hot Chip. Some Arcade Fire.

VF: From Canada as well…
Dan: So we speak the same language!

VF: So have you set a time and date for your mud wrestle yet? You know that if it's your first Glastonbury you have to mud wrestle.
Martina: Really?
Dan: Really? I have to do this? I'll mud wrestle with Tina or maybe Eric, who's our 320-pound tour manager – he'd be a good candidate.

VF: So who would win if that match-up took place?
Dan: I would definitely lose except maybe I could take out his footing a bit easier, take him down, but should he be on top – it'd be over.

VF: You are aware that you have to do this, I'm not joking.
Dan: I'll do it.

VF: OK, I'll track you down on Sunday.
Dan: Maybe Tina and I can tag team against Eric, if I need her I can just tag out. Then we have a fighting chance, she can start pulling his hair.

VF: I wish you luck, I saw Eric at the front of the stage earlier.
Dan: If we get him by the hair on the small of his back then we can do it.