Download 2005: Garbage

Steve and Duke from Garbage, Friday night's penultimate Download act, brush off the nerves of playing their first ever Donington festival and give us their fantasy festival lineup.

Virtual Festivals: So how are you feeling about tonight?
Steve Marker: We’re really excited, it’s kind of a different thing for us cos we actually don’t play a lot of full on metal festivals and we’re not a full on metal band but we’re happy to be here, we’re glad you guys have asked us here and it’s gonna be really cool.

VF: Do you think the crossover works with indie and rock, because this is the first year where Download have introduced a few more Indie bands. Do you think it’s a good thing?
SM: I think it’s a good thing-we’ll find out what the kids think when we play!

VF: Nerves? Excitement? How are you feeling?
Duke Erikson: Yeah, we always get excited to play. I got word from some people who’ve been here for most of the day who said the crowd’s really great. The crowd’s having a good time so we’re looking forward to it.

VF: Have you been here as non performers just to come and watch before?
SM: No
DE: Not yet…we’re hearing a lot of the bands right now though from here backstage?

VF: Are you going to stick around at all?
DE: We may – actually, you know what? Tonight we have to hop on a plane and fly to Bologna.
SM: Yeah we’re going to Italy tonight. We actually have to walk off stage, get on a bus, get on the plane and then we’re outta here!

VF: You’ve obviously been together a number of years so is it still exciting?
DE: It’s still exciting, it can get you down but we don’t like to complain about it. We’re lucky to be able to do this.

VF: So you’re not going to catch any of the other artists then?
SM: Dinosaur Jr I want to see.
DE: Yeah, that’ll be great

VF: If you could pick a perfect line-up for a festival, what would it be?
SM: Oh man!
DE: (Laughs) Dinosaur Jr, Ozzy Osbourne…
SM: And Garbage!
VF: Obviously!
SM: Yeah-we gotta be there!

VF: So are you doing any other festivals this year?
SM: We’re doing Glastonbury which is coming up, and we’ve just done a couple down in Germany that were just huge – really fun!

VF: Glastonbury’s amazing, it’s something special isn’t it?
DE: Yeah we played there before and it’s an amazing event. It’s a phenomenon unto itself like no other.
SM: But so is this though. I mean they don’t have the Download Dog!

VF: What else are you doing musically/career-wise? What’s going on at the moment?
SM: We’re just on tour all summer; we just played down in London at Brixton last night and had an incredible time and got up and here we are today, so that’s kind of our lives right now.

VF: How do your British fans compare to your international fans?
SM: They’re easier to understand than say the Germans or the Czechs languagewise, but other than that I think fans are fans, whether you go to Japan or here or America. I think they share a common bond.

VF: How’s Shirley – is she up for tonight?
DE: Yeah Shirley had a great show last night – going to London is like going home for her. She has to rise to the occasion, she gets a little nervous. Last night she was fantastic; she had the crowd in the palm of her hand. So we’re going into this gig feeling pretty good. She’d be here but she’s working on her outfit – a kinda rock leather and studs thing! You’ll have to wait to see it on stage!