Cup collecting with Pete And The Pirates

Poor Pete. Possibly ditched by his Pirates, we found him trawling the Reading Festival guest area collecting paper cups to claim back the 10p deposit off each and buy himself a pint.

We've all been there. Skint, alone, too pissed to care. You just don't usually associate such plight with a well known festival performer, especially one fourth from top of the bill and in his home town. 

Regardless, we're always one to help out a band member in need so we started stacking cups by the sackload – dictaphone in hand, of course – as we chatted to Pete And The Pirates singer and bassist Peter Cattermoul…  

VF: How come you're collecting cups?
Pete: "I just fancy a pint and this is an easy way of getting one. Have you seen the amount of cups in here? All that paper being wasted. It's far better to turn it all into beer."

VF: So, how was your second consecutive year performing at Reading?
Pete: "It was fucking brilliant, mate. Hopefully they’re all going to be consecutive years from now on. The first time we ever played here it was like giving it back to the town you came from. It sounds a bit sick but I promised myself I’d never go to Reading again unless I was playing here, and now we’ve played here, so we’re allowed to go. This year we’ve got the right stage too; we were on the Radio 1 stage – which was a bit bigger – and people turned up to watch it."

VF: Last year didn’t you do something where if anyone put a pirate flag up next to their tent, you’d play a gig next to it? 
Pete: "Yeah, we started doing that but actually ended up playing just one gig. We went out to the campsite to play the gigs, and we were trying to go to another tent, but essentially they wouldn’t let us leave – so we just played one big gig out in the campsite. This year it didn’t work out, but that’s alright."

VF: Have you been out to the campsites this year?
Pete: "No, my brother’s out here I should go see him really."
VF: It’s pretty fucking crazy I can tell you; do you reckon there are more people this year?
Pete: "Yeah it seems quite crowded. Definitely around the main stage."

VF: Who are you here to see?
Pete: "I just watched MGMT – they were good."

VF: How did you get in there? We couldn't get near.
Pete: "Well, I wasn’t in; I was more like, near. I watched Blood Red Shoes who played just after us – somehow they’re always just after us on the bill – I think they’re amazing. I’m going to go watch Vampire Weekend in a second, and I’m going to see Does It Offend You, Yeah? – Their drummer was our old drummer. I’m also going to see Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip."

VF: Did you not go and see Rage Against the Machine?
Pete: "Maybe I missed it, I don’t know. I really like their music but I’d rather go see something a bit more modern."

VF: What do you think makes this festival stand out from the others?
Pete: "Violence, dirt, I don’t know. For me it stands out because it’s my festival – I feel like I own it."

VF: It’s on the river; do you ever think you could do some like, pirateering mission?
Pete: "Well, it’s funny you should say that, we were planning on doing a gig going past on a barge, but it’s one of those things where you kinda need to be Muse to afford all that shit, or at least Coldplay – I wouldn’t mind their budget."

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