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New bands blog - No 3

By chrise on 15 February 2012

This week we’ve given Chris Eustace reign of our new music radar. Enjoy.Outfit Outfit - Dashing In Passing by TheSoundsOfSweetNothing People have been getting excited about Outfit for a little bit and a the Liverpool five-piece look like... read more

Blog: Are there too many festivals in the UK?

By chrise on 10 August 2011

On Tuesday, after 31 festival cancellations this summer, Isle Of Wight Festival boss John Giddings spoke out suggesting that the festival market is overcrowded.Meanwhile Melvin Benn of Festival Republic argued that despite slower ticket sales, festiv... read more

Festivals aren't on their way out - they're just at a crossroads

By chrise on 11 July 2011

Coming on the same weekend as the sold-out T In The Park and Sonisphere, it seems a bit odd, but is there trouble on the horizon? Eavis also mentions "WOMAD and Latitude not selling out" - although to be fair the latter is, according to The Guardian,... read more

BLOG: bands that could help sell out Reading & Leeds

By chrise on 22 March 2011

Er what? You mean it hasn’t sold out yet? That’s right, for the first time in quite a while there are still Weekend tickets available for Reading and Leeds the morning after they went on sale. Click here to buy Reading tickets, click here... read more

Glee In The Park: T In The Park organisers have got the line-up spot on again

By chrise on 22 February 2011

How does T In The Park do it? After last year's line-up managed to squeeze about nine acts that could have headlined into its three days (okay, two of them were Stereophonics and The Black Eyed Peas, but cheques and balances etc.), it looks to have d... read more

Should Beyonce headline Glastonbury Festival 2011?

By chrise on 08 February 2011

YES says Chris EustaceAnd so it looks like Beyonce will grab that third headline spot at Glastonbury 2011, with U2 and Coldplay seemingly shoe-ins already. The twitterati are out in force, moaning that she's "not Glastonbury material",... read more

Will Biffy give Sonisphere The X Factor?

By chrise on 13 December 2010


Are Kings Of Leon, Foo Fighters and Kasabian worthy headliners for the Isle Of Wight Festival's 10th anniversary?

By chrise on 18 November 2010

YES says Chris EustaceAlways a festival with an eye on its heritage, do I detect a hat being tipped to the original 1968 festival with the Isle Of Wight’s choice of headliners? For Jefferson Airplane, see Kings Of Leon, Arthur Brown’s mos... read more

Should Pulp have reformed for festivals?

By chrise on 09 November 2010

YES writes Chris EustaceSo Jarvis has finally succumbed to the screams for Pulp songs at his solo gigs, and the reunion is on! Okay, yes, this is another 90’s band reforming. Okay maybe it does show the dearth of newer acts ready to step up and... read more

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