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Going for bold

By chris_swindells on 02 August 2012

It seems like an Olympiad since I last wrote, in reality it's a period of weeks that's taken us through the best of British, devastating rainfall to scorching summer days. It's been filled with festival highs, lows and comical back stage spats. But t... read more

Downside to being pretty

By chris_swindells on 05 April 2012

Last night I was accosted by a young lady on the street, she stopped me just seconds before I got on my bus, tapping me on the shoulder to let me know my bag was half open. She smiled and let me zip up before I jumped on the 25 out east.You're probab... read more

It's the ecology, stupid

By chris_swindells on 30 March 2012

It is with a heavy heart I write this editorial piece. After just two days up a mountain, walking off-piste to the chuckle of the comedy troupe at Altitude Festival the news of a festival cancellation swept me off my feet. I wasn't really ready for t... read more

Blog: An Axl to grind

By chris_swindells on 22 March 2012

It's good to report back after a week of long days and longer nights, working from Maida Vale Studios to bring you coverage of BBC 6 Music's 10th birthday sessions and exclusive interviews with Paul Weller, Orbital and De La Soul's First Serve. We sa... read more

Blog: The Big Ticket Scandal

By chris_swindells on 01 March 2012

For a talking point with teeth the Dispatches investigation into the murky world of ticket resellers was an eye-opener for all those unfamiliar with their dirty tactics. Virtual Festivals responded and urged readers to support legislation to keep the... read more

Blog: Brits, tits and merits

By chris_swindells on 23 February 2012

You probably hated the Brits. In fact you probably still wake, sweaty-browed, from nausea-inducing nightmares that fright the frail bones from your fragile body and leave you, an empty, unfurling cage of unfathomable pain. Yep you read that right. It... read more

Blog: Re-Experience The Prodigy

By chris_swindells on 12 January 2012

The rave scene was a rabid epidemic, running unabated and wild in the summer of 1991. This free party outbreak spread with a ferocity of typhoid fever, stretching from satellite sites around the capital, infecting crowds of 50,000 or more in one nigh... read more

My love affair with the Deftones

By chris_swindells on 09 February 2011

It ain’t romantic to be in love with a metal band. Not cool. Not sexy. Not allowed.But this forbidden love was the Romeo and Juliet story of my teens. Deftones with their hard-as-fuck guitar tone and soft rolling drum beats captured a generatio... read more

Should Beyonce headline Glastonbury Festival 2011?

By chris_swindells on 08 February 2011

YES says Chris EustaceAnd so it looks like Beyonce will grab that third headline spot at Glastonbury 2011, with U2 and Coldplay seemingly shoe-ins already. The twitterati are out in force, moaning that she's "not Glastonbury material",... read more

Should The Rolling Stones headline Glastonbury Festival 2011?

By chris_swindells on 02 February 2011

YES says Chris Swindells Should The Rolling Stones paint Glastonbury black in 2011? Should we get Andy Gray attending weekly WI meetings and Louie ‘Pineapple’ Spence giving up on his fame-driven endeavours? You don’t need me to answ... read more

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