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BLOG: Reading and Leeds get line-up balance right!

By KaiGalles on 22 March 2011

Poor old Festival Republic. Unleashing the Reading and Leeds line-up every March must feel like trying to feed a pack of under-nourished pitbulls. You can almost feel their wincing pain as they hand over the raw slab of festival meat to the baying fo... read more

The Big Four at Sonisphere 2011: it's perfect timing!

By KaiGalles on 14 December 2010

The Big Four together last year
When I was 14 we used to sit on my doorstep quizzing each other about the Big Four. Me and my mates, thrash to the core, Bermuda shorts visible under the multiple skaggy rips in our jeans, defending our devotion to Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer and Mega... read more

Champers and Royals at Glastonbury: bursting the bubble?

By KaiGalles on 24 March 2009

This year's Glastonbury festival is sucking up more column inches than Prince Harry's choice of fancy dress. And for once, at least it's not about the sodding weather. The Jay-Z debacle has been going on for months, with guitar-purists (n... read more

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