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Download Festival 2011: turning it down from 11

By Verbgirl on 16 June 2011

Dave McPherson crouches alone under the droopy sogginess of the Jagermeister sign, concluding the small acoustic stage with twenty wet onlookers and no actual Jager to be seen; the fiery beverage truck had been relocated to the main stage. Compared t... read more

Ding ding! Seconds out! It's Download Vs Sonisphere

By Verbgirl on 04 March 2010

Imagine two heavily tattooed burly biker dudes comparing muscles. We shall name them Download and Sonisphere. Now imagine a long-legged beauty, piercings and Camden-certified stripey socks galore. We shall name her... about 200,000 rock fans. What ha... read more

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