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Blog: Sonisphere and faltering festivals

By thetinyempire on 30 March 2012

The Olympic year has seen two of its largest festivals falter already. The Big Chill, according to organiser Melvin Benn is on hold for a year and will return in 2013 but Sonisphere has pulled the plug on a scheduled event, with no cries of &lsquo...; read more

Blog: Making hotspots out of the homeless at SXSW

By thetinyempire on 20 March 2012

>"Homeless Hotspots." Nope, not the biggest buzz band from SXSW, but one of the biggest talking points from it, as ad agency BBH (NOT officially affiliated with the festival, we hasten to add) employed 13 homeless people to act as 4G hotspots, sellin... read more

Blog: Alex's Almanack - what will happen in 2012?

By thetinyempire on 20 December 2011

The Old Moore’s Almanack is a curious book. First published in 1697, it sought the advice of astrology to make predictions for the upcoming year and back then, who could have guessed it would still be here in 2012?For all of its forward thinkin... read more

Should The Rolling Stones headline Glastonbury Festival 2011?

By thetinyempire on 02 February 2011

YES says Chris Swindells Should The Rolling Stones paint Glastonbury black in 2011? Should we get Andy Gray attending weekly WI meetings and Louie ‘Pineapple’ Spence giving up on his fame-driven endeavours? You don’t need me to answ... read more

Mamma Mia! Do we really want ABBA to play Glastonbury?

By thetinyempire on 12 January 2011

YES says Neil Outram  In an interview in Sweden, one of the As from ABBA, Agnetha (the pretty blonde), paved the way for a one-off reunion after many years of rejecting the idea. As a result, bookies offered odds of 33-1 for ABBA performing at n... read more

Are foreign acts good for the British festival scene?

By thetinyempire on 11 October 2010

Arcade Fire at Leeds Festival
Without resorting to shaving off his hair, handing out badly produced pamphlets to school children and smelling of, "too many right-wing meetings," Alex Fahey asks: are foreign acts good for the British festival scene?At this year's Rea... read more

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