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Rain-free festivals anyone? Don't be wet

By Roscoepico on 24 March 2009

Since man first gathered outside in large groups for public stonings, moon worshipping or whatever, rain has always been a party dampening problem. Now, most people born unto this blustery isle would probably consider themselves quite lucky; no fam... read more

Soldiers and Semtex in Slovakia

By Roscoepico on 24 March 2009

The dust has certainly had time to settle now we've reached Pohoda festival, near to the town of Trencin in Slovakia, for the third and final stop of our eastern Europe festival tour. Instead of the wondrous sunshine of Se... read more

EXITing Serbia for Slovakia

By Roscoepico on 24 March 2009

The dust has literally only just settled on EXIT Festival. Face masks and even industrial suits were sported by fans during the last few days as eager ravers kicked Petrovaradin Fortress up into a hazy dust bowl. But who needs... read more

Glastonbury Festival 2008. The best this decade?

By Roscoepico on 24 March 2009

The days after the weekend before, it now seems ridiculous that anyone could question the merits of Glastonbury. Despite murmurings of the world famous festival losing its edge, as the choice of Jay-Z and the rest of the line... read more

Speed of Light: Is Dev aiming to be a festival Champion?

By Roscoepico on 24 March 2009

As the number of festivals across Europe increase, so to do the number of performances by the same artists. There are a number of acts who pop up again and again on festival line ups - Calvin Harris and Pigeon Detectives... read more

The Student View at Beach Break Live

By Roscoepico on 24 March 2009

We've finished our exams, but who cares if we've passed, we're pale, bored of revision and gagging for our first cider at Beach Break Live! Despite waiting over four and a half hours for park and ride, finding that skanky students have ni... read more

Sun, sand and students: Beach Break Live

By Roscoepico on 24 March 2009

You can see why the head of Dragons Den's Peter Jones was turned. A festival set aloft a stunning Cornish beach populated by fresh faced students, and one you don't even need to take up a precious summer weekend to attend. But despite the... read more

Glastonbury line up: The verdict

By Roscoepico on 24 March 2009

More mouth-watering than a bout of tickly tongue sweats or duller than Dire Straits painted brown? Well, probably somewhere in the middle we’d conclude, but as always there’s something for everyone and ultimately i... read more

Oasis are "wrong" at Glastonbury, no?

By Roscoepico on 24 March 2009

So Noel Gallagher is the latest to put the boot into Jay-Z headlining Glastonbury, claiming the New York rapper and hip-hop in general are wrong for Glastonbury. Yawn... isn't this all getting very boring? And hang on? Noel Gallagher saying wh... read more

So just why do we all go to festivals?

By Roscoepico on 24 March 2009

As others herald the death of festivals due to Glastonbury not selling out in seven seconds, Greg Rose ponders the forces that underlie our fervour for fields filled with bands and toilets. You used to know where you stood with festivals. Go to Gl... read more

Blissfields: Whipping the majors into shape

By Roscoepico on 24 March 2009

Blissfields have taken the plunge and announced a headliner who haven't even sold an album… It has been littleover a week since Kings Of Leon and The Verve picked up and (if they're to be considered real roc... read more

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