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How to festival with a conscience: Glastonbury special

By DanVF on 26 June 2011

There is a certain peace to Glastonbury’s Green Fields. A quiet and relaxed nirvana of overhanging trees, people-powered soundsystems and enough positive karma to get the whole of Odd Future into heaven.It’s here that we wind through bloo... read more

Stagg dos and don'ts: a response to the Telegraph's festival tips

By DanVF on 17 June 2011

“Who?” you may cry! Why, he’s the author of the Top ten festival tips article in the Telegraph; a real outdoor warrior, last spotted at Glasto ’71 with Ray Mears as they put together a makeshift tent with just disused burger b... read more

BLOG: About grime too! UK rap gets whole stage at Glastonbury

By DanVF on 14 April 2011

Thank mud for Glastonbury! After glancing over the 2011 line-up, it deserves every column-inched, keyboard-tapped kernel of praise it’s garnered with this summer. Far from the tired (and over-tested) formula of other events that glare at divers... read more

BLOG: Bestival 2011: a mind-boggling bill of brilliance

By DanVF on 22 March 2011

With all the hot air surrounding the Reading and Leeds line-ups producing enough vitriol vapour on internet messageboards to steam up Melvin Benn’s glasses, people may have missed one of the best and most eclectic line-up announcements of the s... read more

Why I love... The Streets

By DanVF on 09 February 2011

Why does every Valentine’s Day have to end with heartbreak? When the office decided to write a blog on the bands, festivals or songs we love, to give you an idea about the people behind the site, it could have been anything (see what Chris Swin... read more

When did BBC Electric Proms lose its edge?

By DanVF on 23 September 2010

What’s happened to the BBC Electric Proms then? It once sat at the end of the festival season as an exciting Indian summer soiree, bringing together the great and good from the contemporary scene, forcing them to rethink and remould their great... read more

Are you impressed by the Reading and Leeds' line up?

By DanVF on 30 March 2010

YES says Tom GoodwynReading/Leeds always have problems getting their line-ups right. They can’t afford to overly mainstream, else they run the risk of heading into V Festival territory and upsetting their core fan base of alternative rockers. B... read more

Are V Festival line-ups becoming too predictable?

By DanVF on 03 March 2010

Yes argues Hollie GarrawayV has always been the most diluted festival of the summer. It's where history is rarely made and The Saturdays make a cameo backstage in designer wellies, rubbing shoulders with Z-listers from Hollyoaks. Bottom line: it&... read more

Reaction: This is it! The Strokes will headline Rock Ness

By DanVF on 02 December 2009

The one announcement I wasn’t expecting to hear when I came into work this morning was The Strokes confirmed to headline Rock Ness.Muse for Glastonbury? Sure. Guns N’ Roses at Download? Quite possibly. But the New York garage rockers on t... read more

U2 if you want to, but I'll be elsewhere...

By DanVF on 02 December 2009

It is somewhat apt that U2 have been chosen to headline the 40th edition of the Glastonbury Festival: they’re the middle of the road, middle-aged band for an event that, in human years at least, is reaching the same milestone. For Team Eavis, h... read more

If three is the magic number, then four is just bad luck...

By DanVF on 07 November 2009

You’ve got to feel sorry for the organisers of Dubai Sound City. Debut events are often the most difficult to pull off and it has to be even harder setting up a festival thousands of miles from home. So things won’t have been made any eas... read more

Dubai Sound City, erm, shock: Bez can't get into the county...

By DanVF on 06 November 2009

I always thought that Dubai was a city built on oil, but since getting here it has become quite obvious that taxis are their life blood. You can’t seem to get anywhere without travelling in a taxi. Sadly it doesn’t look like De La Soul wi... read more

Sober Sound City: can our hedonistic heroes perform dry in Dubai?

By DanVF on 05 November 2009

Sex and drugs and rock and roll – the mantra all young bands are made to adhere to when they sign up for the job. Swearing upon an original Les Paul guitar, the latest rock stars promise to follow the code of conduct with Sid Vicious as a witne... read more

Finally flagged up - flags at festivals!

By DanVF on 04 August 2009

Oh rejoice! It’s finally happened! Flags have been banned from festivals. That’s right; Reading Festival bosses have finally given the giant-poled dishcloths the push with little more noise than a swish in the air. Instead they discreetly... read more

The Isle of Wight-dentity Crisis

By DanVF on 09 June 2009

The 1970 Isle of Wight Festival is still regarded as one of greatest music festivals of all time. It attracted the biggest ever crowd at a festival and it was where Jimi Hendrix played his final performance before his untimely death. However since it... read more

Glastonbury line-up: our initial reactions

By DanVF on 25 May 2009

The Glastonbury line-up is finally here - you can almost hear the pattering of heavy rain on that cheap tent canvas can't you? - and while at first glance there are no big surprises of Jay-Z's magnitude like last year, next month's colour... read more

Snow blogging @ Snowbombing

By DanVF on 30 March 2009

Friday10.30pm“Because 2 Many DJs were stuck in traffic we got an hour extension, but it does mean we have to stop at 10.30,” a voice announces dimming down the chant of “one more tune.”Luckily the evening is just getting start... read more

Back from the dead - can festival failures be resurrected?

By DanVF on 24 March 2009

As the credit crunch tightens the proverbial belt around our ever-shrinking waists, it's becoming more difficult to stage festivals - especially new ones. Already this semester Wild In The Country and Blissfields have pulled the plug on the... read more

Edging east to EXIT

By DanVF on 24 March 2009

Like hundreds of festival fans who've spent the last few days unwinding from Croatia's Garden Festival, VF is heading east, across the Serbian border to EXIT Festival in the town of Novi Sad. Organisers here say they're noticing a real ex... read more

Garden Festival: is the grass always greener?

By DanVF on 24 March 2009

So we've watched the cream of Europe show us why we're so overrated in a football sense, time to see what goes on in the festival sphere. Following the best Glastonbury in years, VF has headed east to tour Eastern Europe, starting in Croati... read more

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