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Happy Birthday to us

By Steve Jenner on 28 July 2009

We had some very kind offers from festivals this year who wanted to throw parties in our honour for VF's 10th birthday celebrations...Secret Garden Party, for instance, had offered us use of a tower on an island in the middle of a lake in the mid... read more

Has Glastonbury found a new groove?

By Steve Jenner on 02 July 2009

There was something different about Glastonbury this year and I've been trying to put my finger on it since I first arrived on-site. It was a good thing, an intangible thing and (at the risk of sounding like I left my wizard's hat in the Sacr... read more

Handing over the reigns... for a lovely week

By Steve Jenner on 02 July 2009

Just got back from my 11th Glasto with a cleansed soul and a filthy body...Woah, was it a good one. I know because 24 hours later I'm still aching all over and after a full day in the office I still feel ever so slightly pleasantly detached from... read more

The confessions of a festival floozy

By Steve Jenner on 02 July 2009

I definitely had some of my best times ever at the last two Isle Of Wight Festivals which were both absolutely blinding. As well an unbeatable line-up (The Stones, The Sex Pistols, Neil Young...) and a friendlier atmsophere than most major festivals,... read more

I Heart Rock Ness

By Steve Jenner on 02 July 2009

So I'm standing here in the most spectacular festival setting in Britain. Yeah, the Loch is pretty, the mountains nice and the site very colourful. But above all that, literally, the sun is shining with a big fat grin, flashing a V at the weather... read more

Summer of rage, summer of rave!

By Steve Jenner on 02 July 2009

Just had a very cool backstage encounter with Larry Love, the frontman in Alabama 3, at RockNess festival in Scotland.At last, some justice in the universe! It may be threatening our houses, jobs and holidays in the sun but this recession is turning... read more

Jenner's Blog: Summer is here!

By Steve Jenner on 10 June 2009

I've just walked an hour and a half in cold drizzle through London's streets to get into VFHQ, but it's given me time to contemplate that perhaps tube drivers should indeed be paid more (I'd be a rubbish Prime Minister). Then I made t... read more

Viva la revolution!

By Steve Jenner on 19 May 2009

I write this at the dawn of VF's second decade of existence. Its first ten years of life have seen the  festival scene grow and improve beyond all recognition  as all the parts, and people involved have become connected into a big onlin... read more

Thank you

By Steve Jenner on 21 May 2009

When the button was pressed and our new site launched last Thursday, I felt a similar pang of excitement to that spring day, ten years ago, when VF went live for the first time ever...The differences were that this latest version of the site had over... read more

A Day With The Levellers

By Steve Jenner on 21 May 2009

On Monday I had the privilege of spending the day (and evening) with one of my favourite bands of all-time, The Levellers, in their hometown of Brighton. Half of you reading this have just winced in disgust, I know, the Levellers being the marmite of... read more

Jenner's Blog: Backstage at VF

By Steve Jenner on 22 April 2009

VF founder and director Steve Jenner provides a rolling behind the scenes glimpse into the present, past and future of virtual festivals as the site enters its second decade...Hello. I'm now going to take you on an amazing real life adventure wit... read more

Has the bubble finally burst on the major festivals?

By Steve Jenner on 24 March 2009

How the media love to jump on a cultural fad, build it into the tallest tower they can and then send it tumbling back down to the earth with a sensational crash. They did it with us dot coms at the end of the last century ( thanks ), they do it wit... read more

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