Glastonbury Festival 2004

25 Jun 2004 - 27 Jun 2004

Worthy Farm, Pilton, UK

Topic: Who's going to Glastonbury?
12/04/2007 11:45 AM
I've just bagged myself a ticket to Glastonbury, the suns out, its nearly the weekend - i'm walking on water here. Who's going?
Topic: this is my 18th Glastonbury!
13/04/2007 05:15 PM
kiss my arse newbies! hehhe
Topic: Registration Frustration
01/02/2007 04:34 PM
I'll be honest, this whole register a photo etc thing for Glasto is long - however i'm well aaware its worth it. And Eavis, if your out there, even if I dont get a ticket I'm going to get in... mwah ha ha
Topic: GLASTO 2007
03/05/2007 11:45 PM
hey all who is going? i can't wait. does anyone else get the blues after the party? if so does anyone fancy an after party? get in touch
Topic: For people who live in the SOUTHWEST UK!!!
13/04/2007 11:40 AM
Hi For those who live in the Southwest. Do you know about Its a site full of many cool people, you can send as many messages as you like for free on there and use our Shoutbox, Rudebox and Chatroom!!! The si
Topic: Looking for a tartan army team of ticket holders!
03/04/2007 03:58 AM
Hi all! For those of us who managed to get tickets and wear tartan - lets organise a tartan army meet up!!
22/04/2007 12:51 AM
If you are only 23 and this is your 18th glastonbury then u must be talkin out of ur ass because every 2 years they have a year break... your just a compulsive liar, get on with it if it makes you happy.
23/04/2007 01:51 PM
haha..oh i was going to say id like to have gone for the last eighteen years. but since theres proof its impossible i havent missed out :)
12/05/2007 05:49 PM
Saulos, thats not true. I can get a full list of years that the festival was on later, but for now I can tell you that there was a festival in 97, 98, 99, 00, 02, 03, 04, 05 and now 07 - in recent years they have a break every 5 years... not 2. For the record, like ;-)
30/05/2007 08:53 PM
Oh my god, 3 weeks today. So excited I could wee myself. Not that I should admit that really :o) x
31/05/2007 05:09 PM
cum on glasto 2007 hurry up ive been wating for it since 22nd april wen i new i definatly had a ticket. its gonna b the best eva !!!!
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