Glastonbury Festival 2005

24 Jun 2005 - 26 Jun 2005

Worthy Farm, Pilton, UK

Glastonbury 2005: The Dance Village

Glastonbury just up-scaled its (already massive) dance tent to an entire village! Proof in the pudding that dance music isn't dead - it's bigger and more vibrant than it's ever been. more

Glastonbury 2005: The rest of the tents round-up

While impossible to cover it all, our intrepid back field roamer Peter Crowe searches out some of the best of the action from the Acoustic, Cabaret, Comedy, Avalon, and Left Field stages. more

Glastonbury 2005: Saturday John Peel Stage

It's easy to be cynical approaching The Rakes; another gang of mockney Paul Epworth produced boys surely riding the current ragamuffin bandwagon... more

Glastonbury 2005: Sunday John Peel Stage

Final day in the Peel tent and everyone's buzzing now the sun's out. more

Glastonbury 2005: Friday John Peel Stage

Walking though a quagmire of filth and shit and floating fruit, the first sound to eminate from the John Peel Stage is Franz Ferdinand’s ‘Take Me Out’ - by the looks on a most faces it should be 'Take Me Home'. more

Glastonbury 2005: Friday Pyramid Stage

With thunder and lightning rumbling and crackling all over Worthy Farm, rivers pour down the hillsides. Many canvas-made structures fall victim to the torrent - fortunately the Pyramid Stage isn't one. more

Glastonbury 2005: Friday Other Stage

The Stone Circle is swimming, reservoirs gather at the bottom of every campsite, power is down, and rain is relentless. The Dead 60s have been cancelled, Black Bud moved to Sunday, so it’s up to Tom Vek to open the Other Stage. more

Glastonbury 2005: Saturday Pyramid Stage

Did yesterday really happen? You almost have to pinch yourself to be sure. But as you squelch out of your tent it comes (quite literally) flooding back... more

Glastonbury 2005: THAT Storm

As one of the most impressive performances of the festival, Friday morning's spectacular storm deserves its own place in our reviews... re-live it here, but wear your wellies! more

Glastonbury 2005: Saturday Other Stage

A shift in the line-up means Sweden’s The Deadbeats open the stage this morning to a decidedly soggy and skanky collective. more

Glastonbury 2005: Sunday Pyramid Stage

Glasto awakes to sunshine and ecstatic gasps of relief as punters rush down to the stages to lap up the final day - and what a day it's shaping up to be as the best is truly saved for last... more

Glastonbury 2005: Sunday Other Stage

The terrain at the Other Stage has barely improved since Friday’s armageddon-style downpour and strangely, despite thousands of their band stickers everywhere, only a couple of hundred battle the swamps to catch inventive cockneys, Red Hand Band. more

The Make Poverty History Moment

All performances at Glastonbury 2005 stopped on the dot of 4pm on Saturday, to allow every single one of the 158,500 people in attendance to take part in a very special act of solidarity, in support of the Make Poverty History Campaign. more