V Festival - Chelmsford 2005

20 Aug 2005 - 21 Aug 2005

Hylands Park, UK

V Festival 2005 - Main Stage

V would be better named Q (ueue) on its opening morning, as thousands scramble round the exterior fence for the shortest and most painless battle to get in. more

V Festival 2005 - Channel 4 Stage

Tom Vek kick starts the day over on the Channel 4 Stage, thankfully in better weather conditions than his opener at this year’s Glasto, giving his twisted pop a deserved sprinkle of summer. more

V Festival 2005 - Volvic Stage

Replacing the New Bands at the V Festival, The Volvic Stage showcases not only new talent this weekend, such as Kubb and Kooks, it also pays homage to some undiscovered legends - Josh Rouse and Ozomatli immediately spring to mind. more

V Festival 2005 - JJB/Puma Arena

The dark, broody aura of the JJB/Arena is the perfect venue to get lost in, boasting alternative acts from a variety of genres and, er, Natasha Beddingfield. more

V Festival 2005

The Chelsea FC of UK festivals, the tenth anniversary V Festival sees heavy weights Scissor Sisters, Oasis, and Franz Ferdinand leading the attack. But what of the rest of it? We have it all... more

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And win tickets to V 2006! North or south, wet or dry, chav or Channel 4 exec? How was V for you? Does it have the stature of a decade old festival, or are the big name bands covering a few cracks? You tell us. more

V Festival 2004

Organised with near military precision, V boasts one of the best line-ups of the UK festival season and the biggest concentration of hairdressers anywhere. A cut above or cropped too close? more