Glastonbury Festival 2004 reviews

25 Jun 2004 - 27 Jun 2004

Worthy Farm, Pilton, UK

Joe (12) and Ad (10) take on Glasto!

We are Joe and Add, two brothers aged 12 and 10 from Birmingham, and this is about our trip to Glastonbury 2004. more

Glastonbury 2004: There's more to Glasto than the music!

Glastonbury Festival is a unique experience and it is it's emphasis on performance art and comedy, as well as the music, that really sets it apart from the more commercial festivals. more

Glastonbury 2004 - Full Coverage

From Macca to mud, politics to pop, Greenfields to Lost Vagueness, Mozzer and more mud, 120,000 spirits soared, smug in the knowledge that they were at the best place in the world for a few days. Check out the mother of all festival coverage here! more

Glastonbury 2004: Main Stages, Sunday

Sunday is traditionally the day at Glastonbury where one can have a bit of a lie-in after two days of drunken abandon; to lie comatose in your tent, and be gently awoken by the sounds of acoustic guitar drifting from the main stage. more

Glastonbury 2004: Dance Stages, Sunday

With around three hours sleep snatched, the intention at lunchtime is to simply crash at the back of the Dance Tent with a traditional Sunday lunch of chips and curry sauce. more

Glastonbury 2004: Green Fields

There is a quiet place full of madness and a yearning for simpler times... it exists high up above the thronging metropolis of Glastonbury's markets and stages. It's known as the Green Fields. more

Glastonbury 2004: Dance Stages, Saturday

Today is a sad day indeed. Glastonbury have felt it right and fit that for 24 hours, the Dance Tent should be remodelled into Somerset’s largest outpost of Flares, replete with comedy wigs and Sister Sledge playing a headline slot. Groovy. Not. more

Glastonbury 2004: Main Stages, Saturday

Despite many years at Glasto, we never learn that camping near a stage means getting woken up early by some band or other. more

Glastonbury 2004 Headliners: Paul McCartney

Unquestionably one of the most influential performers of all time, Macca proves he still has a lot to teach those pesky Gallagher Brothers! more

Glastonbury 2004: Dance Stages, Friday

Determined to discover what puts the pill in Pilton, this foolhardy VF correspondent decided to embark upon a mission to find the best beats and bass action over three days in the company of Glastonbury’s nu-jilted generation! more

Glastonbury 2004: Main Stages, Friday

There’s mud in that there sky, ‘shrooms in that there ground and pills in them there hills. more

Glastonbury 2004 Headliners: Oasis

The Gallagher brothers put in a gallant effort to trash their own legacy in one of the most impressively poor headline performances ever seen! more