Age / Gender:33 / Female

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 About Me...
Star Sign:Cancer
Profession:Credit Control Manager
Marital Status:Single
Perfect Partner:IF there is one and IF I find them, Ill tell ya!!
Interests:Singing, Songwriting, Internet, Gym
Makes Me Happy:Sex, Fun people & Seeing those I love happy
Makes Me Sad:Lies & Dishonesty
Cigarettes:I smoke occasionally
Alcohol:I drink occasionally
Drugs:I am a recreational drug user
Bad Habits:Maybe?...But...will u b lucky enough 2 find out?

 In My Own Words...
Ok...Im not too good at doing this sorta thing but here goes...I would say I am bright & bubbly with a great sense of humour. Really enjoy singing & songwriting. Like clubbing & partying as well as staying in with a film etc. I like to cook and Im a very loving & caring person and have a lot to offer the right person. I can be shy when I first meet somebody but once you get to know me...Youll wish you hadnt !! he he he !! So what am I looking for ???....Well....MALE!! LoL....Seriously....Somebody to have fun with, who is genuine & caring (I hate lies and dishonesty) someone who enjoys going clubbing and does not judge. Somebody who is kind and considerate. As one of my passions it singing & songwriting, if you have a love for the same, that would be a real bonus. A nice smile would be great and I quite like the stubbly look - but dont let that put you off getting in touch ;o) Hope to hear from you soon x

 Vital Statistics...
Race:White / Caucasian
Hair:Dark Blonde
Height:5' 1" (155 cm)
Weight:135 lbs
Body Type:Average

 My Favourite...
Food:King Prawns with Sweet Chilli Sauce
Music:Lamb, Muse, Bon Jovi, Daniel Beddingfield..Loads!
Author:Stephen King
Movie:Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Green Mile
Night Club / Bar:Planet Angel
Animal:Dolphin, Dog, Cat, Tiger Almost All !!
Person:Me !! LoL!!
Place:Florida, Thailand, Turkey and loads of others !!
Possession / Thing:My home/health/Mobile/Laptop

 My Online Diary...
Yes people....Bon Jovi will be playing in the UK this summer !! Its their ONLY European concert for 2007 and will be the first time they have played indoors in the UK in 15 years !! Plus....The most exciting thing is....ITS ON MY BIRTHDAY !!! What an amazing birthday it will be !! Im sooo friggin EXCITED, I thought Id share it with you !! Fans of Bon Jovi will know how much this means....non fans wont - I appreciate that....but hey, would be sad if we all had the same taste.
Has anybody been watching ORANGUTAN DIARY on BBC 1?? WoW !!! What an amazing job to have....Very sad at times but also extremely rewarding !! They are rescuing Orangutan's (adults and babies) from de-forestation in Borneo....Unfortunately a lot (especially the mothers) are being killed ;o( But....some of the characters these Orangutans have....They are ADORABLE !!! I WANT ONE !!!! LoL!! is illegal to have one as a pet (even in Borneo!!) x
TRUE LOVE IS.... HARD to find....HARD to lose....and....IMPOSSIBLE to forget !! Hope your all having a great evening x
I was just sitting here thinking about Faceparty and wondering if.... THERE WERE ANY GENUINE PEOPLE ON HERE !!! Arrrggghhhh....It annoys me sooo much to think that people can be so decietful and such liars - GET A LIFE PEOPLE !! Or....maybe its just that I am too friggin genuine for this shite ??? Who knows ?? Just wish there was a little more honesty going around.... Anyway peeps....Hope your having a great day. Thanks for reading my soapbox !! LoL!! CP xXx
1. It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what your not. 2. Sometimes....standing idly alone, opens your mind to see and hear what is really going on. Hope your all having a good day xXx

 My Funniest Moment......
Was when I was riding my friends bike down a hill whilst she was holding my dog on a lead....When I got to the bottom of the hill, I called out my dog's name and he came running....My friend never let go of the lead and so she was dragged on her front behind him all the way down the hill shouting make him stop....make him stop....I couldnt cos I was laughing too much....Needless to say my friend was not happy !! LoL!!