Age / Gender:19 / Female

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 About Me...
Star Sign:Aries
Profession:Hairdresser (14/5/07)
Marital Status:Single
Perfect Partner:duno i fort i ad found tham ( i was wrong
Interests:i love music and my fone!!!
Makes Me Happy:my friends
Makes Me Sad:feeling lonely
Cigarettes:I don't smoke
Alcohol:I drink occasionally
Drugs:I despise drugs
Bad Habits:bitin my nails & being slow! (like a blonde lol)

 In My Own Words...
i keep dyin my hair which is now a chocolate colour but at one point it was electric pink! I'm a very bubbly person who's never really down! and im extremely funny! wen i wanna b I goin out clubing with my mates and listenin to music Im interested in hairdressing, massage, nails and make-up. at the end of september begining of october im opening a salon in maidstone (CNT WAIT) MY PRIVATE CHATS DNT WORK

 Vital Statistics...
Race:White / Caucasian
Hair:naturlly chesnut brown
Height:5' 4" (163 cm)
Body Type:Fuller Figure

 My Favourite...
Music:hip hop, rap, DnB, RnB, sum dance just not rock
Author:the book ' The Girl With On Track Mind'
Night Club / Bar:Ikon - Amadeus - Jaks
Animal:kittens or puppies
Person:my mum
Place:my bedroom
Possession / Thing:my fone

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 My Funniest Moment......
was when i was in the car with my mum and my mate hannah, me and my mum were arguing about me getting my tongue peicred at this time my mum had had enuf and shouted 'for f*** sake will u give up ur not geting ur tongue pierced find sumfink else to f***ing moan about' and then i sed 'muummm','yes'she sed i then replyed 'i wanna baby'. hannah who was in the car nearly wet herself and my mum was larfing **5 yrs lata** (26/7/07) i got it dun shhh she dnt no