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By katie.parsons on 30 December 2010

So ladies and gents - I am now back home and the fun and fabulous festival adventure has ended. BOOOOOO. I had an amazing time - and did so much and saw so much and heard so much - that I decided to go back over the last 30 weeks and relive some of t... read more

It's the final countdown...

By katie.parsons on 16 December 2010

With just four days left of my mammoth international adventures, it is with a sunburnt nose and a tear in my eye that I prepare to bid farewell to the Trident Perpetual Festival. Eight months of travelling around the globe has seen me sample some of... read more

Trident Perpetual Festival - The adventure continues...

By katie.parsons on 17 November 2010

Greetings festival-goers! Katie P here. Way back in May I started the Trident Perpetual Festival tour of some of the world's best music events. It's now 25 weeks later, and I am writing to you from the shores of Thailand about to head out for... read more

Trident Perpetual Festival - The adventure goes international!

By katie.parsons on 12 October 2010

Hello readers, Katie P here - Trident's worldwide party guide, now with 19 festivals under my belt in just 19 weeks. Sounds exhausting? That's nothing! There are still 11 more adventures to be had in America, Mexico, Thailand, Australia and B... read more

Katie P's Trident Perpetual Festival adventure # 5

By katie.parsons on 13 September 2010

Hello Virtual Festivals readers! Katie P here - frontlady and all-round blog addict for the Trident Perpetual Festival Experience. I have been at a different festival every week now for 15 weeks - meaning I am rather satisfyingly exactly halfway thro... read more

Katie P's Trident Perpetual Festival adventure # 4

By katie.parsons on 04 August 2010

Hey there readers - Katie P here - now one third of my way through my 30 festival adventure around the globe. Every week I've visited a different destination and had my fill of a fun new festival experience.Week nine saw me head to Croatia for th... read more

Katie P's Trident Perpetual Festival adventure # 3

By katie.parsons on 07 July 2010

Greetings readers! Katie here having a few days rest before returning to the road for the Trident Perpetual Festival. I've completed six of the 30 festivals that I will be visiting around the globe - and am still having the most incredible time!W... read more

Katie P's Trident Perpetual Festival adventure # 2

By katie.parsons on 24 June 2010

Hello all! Katie P here - I just got back from my 3rd and 4th festivals of a total 30 that I will be reporting back on from around the world.For week 3 of the Trident Perpetual Festival Experience I jumped on a short ferry ride for the Isle Of Wight... read more

Katie P's Trident Perpetual Festival adventure # 1

By katie.parsons on 03 June 2010

Hello! Katie P here - frontlady for the all-new Trident Perpetual Festival experience. Over the course of the next eight months, I'll be heading to 30 different music events - one a week - and reporting back on my adventures through blogs, photo... read more

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