V2002 Staffordshire - Sunday Review

V2002 Staffordshire - Sunday Review

Photographer: Mike EccleshallAndrew Future on 18 August 2002

HALO are proving themselves too. Causing chaos amongst the contingent of illegal female teens at their signing, their live show continues to come on in leaps and bounds. They do look a bit too pretty for their own good, but it's better than being ugly bitter old gits like, erm, The Bluetones. Speaking of which, who should follow them on the NME Stage but MY VITRIOL? My Bloody Vitriol. Genius.

Now we've always discounted GEMMA HAYES simply because she's been everywhere, but she's lovely. Absolutely stunning, really polite and, erm, absolutely stunning. Her music, bless, is stuck in the middle with you, but she's so angelically lovely this is really irrelevant. Sexist? Not us.

ALANIS MORISETTE is sagging all over the place - the words of two FEMALE journalists, not me. You would have thought after selling a squillion albums she'd be able to afford a bit of Kylie here and there, wouldn't you?

It's all very well rehearsed though, much like NICKLEBACK. If they are the only 'rock' band of V2002 then god help us. They do what they do well, though, however shit that may be. Whine, whine, whine, isn't Eddy Vedder good, look how many empty amps we have stacked up behind us. Wankers. The very opposite of...

SUPERGRASS. The lads are in fine form, and are, as ever, the cheery antidote to the dreary slog of much of the shite on offer in the world. Nickleback or Supergrass? Hard, isn't it? Question of the weekend though, is Gaz shagging Liv Tyler? Here's a thought: hard core porn starring BADLY DRAWN BOY as Roy Hattersley and THE BETA BAND as themselves. Oh yes.

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