Skream and Benga @ The Warehouse Project

Simon Whiston heads to The Warehouse Project for a Skream and Benga show.

It’s Wednesday night in the middle of December and bass junkies venturing through the tunnels of The Warehouse Project are in search of some low frequency, torsos rippling basslines.

P Money is the first to oblige. The rapper fills the main room instantaneously as leans towards a dubstep vibe. ‘Bass Cannon’, a Flux Pavilion production, has the crowd chanting “bass cannon” simultaneously to the beat and from that point on he’s on the money, totally encapsulating the audience with his abilities on the mic.

But it’s the Magnetic Man trio who are the bass-heavy specialists on duty this evening. They’re putting in shift-work. ‘Red’ works well for Artwork as he goes alone on the ones and twos until 2am when Skream and Benga takeover with bigger and bassier beats.

The vast youthful crowd bounce along in anticipation of the next bass drop as they squeeze into every last morsel of space, extending to the very rear of the venue. Those here are lucky, it’s a sterling show, one that will keep fans oblivious to the raining cold December morning when they’re turfed out at gone 4am.