Radio 4 Live at the Scala

Radio 4's punky rock show returns to the capital.

[l-zone2]At this stage in a band like Radio 4‘s career, you are most likely reading this review to find out: a) are they as good as they’re made out to be and; b) should you buy the album.The answers are yes and yes.

[r-zone1]However, the problem with tonight’s show is that it is full to the brim with others coming along for a nosey, hoping that everyone else will do the dancing.But while this outing was nothing to write home about, it was not for want of energy from Radio 4. The Brooklyn five-piece chuck their all into an hour’s worth of solid grooves, offering up almost every one of the thirteen musical slabs from 2002’s ‘Gotham!’ long-player.

[l-zone3]What Radio 4 sound like, is a combination of the kind of slick post-punk guitar people like Television put out and the tight disco thud of ‘Rock The Kasbah’-era Clash. Without sounding tooderivative. Last year’s single ‘Dance To The Underground‘ (arguably the one song that [r-zone4]got everyone shoe-horned into the sold-out Scala this evening) finally gets the crowd moving and current single ‘Eyes Wide Open‘ also keeps the pins ‘n needles at bay. While the crowd don’t do the band justice, if this was an exercise in getting the word out then it worked.