Har Mar Superstar – Naked in Camden

A short fat balding nearly naked American prancing to a backing tape or the best musical novelty thang since Andrew WK rolled into our fine shores? If Har Mar Superstar isn't, then More Fire Crew certainly are!

[l-zone1]Fresh from a ram-raid on your local JJB Sports come So Solid’s cock suckers, More Fire Crew. An highly entertaining, yet unintentionally hilarious quartet from, ‘The Hood’. In other words: Star Breeze Drama And Dancing College for Privileged Young Men. Innit! In between their comical yelps of ‘Yo technician! Turn up our mics, we can’t here nuttin’!’ come various garage tinged offerings for the discerning dyslexic music fan. [r-zone2]These include their ‘hit’ ‘Oi!’ and ‘Smokin’. They probably don’t play that one at their monthly primary school tour. During the better periods, it sounds like the harmonic call of a bunch of injured farm animals; whilst looking very much like a fight on the back of bus. It’s all quite amusing to overhear, but you ‘d hardly pay to watch.

[l-zone3]Har Mar Superstar is the opposite in pretty much every way. He’s a lone, white, short, fat, balding American. His humorous gelling of a [r-zone4]Prince fronted Wham! with comedy hip hop has its novelty value, but only for the first twenty minutes. Recorded live for XFM’s ‘Xposure’ show, the background motive sadly becomes truer and truer and each excruciating minute passes, as the dripping rolls of fat continue to [l-zone5]creep out and the man-breasts gradually steal the show. He wants to rape your sisters, your mothers and probably you too. His single ‘Power Lunch’ will probably be huge, but for the sake of all that’s holy, do not encourage him.