Halo at the 100 club

Halo kick off their latest headline tour and showcase new album material at a hot and sweaty 100 club gig

[R-Zone1]Like a plethora of bands on the current circuit, Halo are either on the edge of superstardom or supernova. They certainly look the part – Graeme equipped with designer Mohawk and (one assumes) home made safety pin T-shirt, with molkoesque brother Iain similarly dressed in male rock chic(k) attire.

[L-Zone2]Excusing a fan club affair the previous night, this was the first night of the tour and in places it showed -Steve just about restraining himself from punting a malfunctioning keyboard into the crowd, and a few tracks sounding a little on the underpolished side.

[R-Zone3]Nevertheless, the band put on an predominantly solid performance, intermingling a number of tracks, from the seemingly perma-forthcoming album Lunatic Ride (including standout track Feel) with earlier more familiar material from the various EP’s.

[L-Zone4]With heat around the stifling mark, Halo sweated their way through their set, still managing to remain remarkably animated, even if the onstage movement in songs like Sanctimonious appears remarkably contrived.

[R-Zone5]This wasn’t the best performance that Halo have ever put on – and probably wont be the worst – however their “star quality” and musicianship is at last shining through and their year on year improvement is undoubted. And they are unquestionably some of the nicest guys you could hope to meet.