CUD – Indie Legends Return in 2006

This August sees the release of 'Rich and Strange: The Anthology' a career spanning 2CD collection of the very best of CUD' & following renewed interest from Xfm and BBC 6 Music and fans alike the CUD live experience is also set to return.

CUD’s career spanned 8 years, 5 albums, 17 singles, an NME front cover and centre spread, a Peel Session release on Strange Fruit (with the band twice featuring in the Festive 50) and zillions of electrifyingly sweaty live shows. Dedicated fans travelled the length and breadth of the country (and beyond) to continually recreate scenes akin to those more recently witnessed at the more energetic shows played by bands like The Others, where more people ended up on stage than were left on the dancefloor!


Since CUD split up in 1996 the band have variously appeared in Emmerdale, painted, written novels, DJ’d, managed other bands, collaborated in other musical projects, taken part in World Masters pursuit cycling races, drawn Sindy and Ninja Turtles comics and generally missed being in the band.


As early 90’s indie has a general resurgence and the world looks around for older rock heroes to worship in these days of personality-bypassed, jelly-moulded, radio-friendly blandness, the time is ripe for Leeds’ favourite sons to rebound back onto the live scene. Expect cardiac arrests, tears of joy, singalongs and frilly purple shirts!




CUD Carling Academy 2 Newcastle Newcastle MON 14/08/2006


CUD See tickets - Carling Academy Liverpool CUD Venue information Carling Academy Liverpool Liverpool TUE 15/08/2006 19:00  
CUD See tickets - Carling Academy 2 CUD Venue information Carling Academy 2 Birmingham WED 16/08/2006 19:00  
CUD See tickets - Carling Academy Islington CUD Venue information Carling Academy Islington London THU 17/08/2006 19:00  
CUD See tickets - The Cockpit CUD Venue information The Cockpit Leeds FRI 18/08/2006 19:30

RICH AND STRANGE: A CUD ANTHOLOGY is available now on pre-sale orders – buy yours now to propel a worthy return into the charts. 


Melody Maker

“CUD are the ultimate in sexual confidence…they inspire individuality!”  “The tour de force is the CUD drum thing – a man who wins instant approval with his Janus-like ability to alternate expressions of extreme pain with “Hmm, wonder what to have for tea tonight?” distraction…RADA sign this man up now!” 


“Dizzyingly catchy melodies…the best of CUD is yet to come!” 


“CUD take the States by stealth…their mission to enter America as bona fide tourists as opposed to untouchable rock beasts. Despite the group’s penchant for leather strides and chiffon blouses US customs officials fall for the routine.” “The band’s soul, meanwhile, undoubtedly resides in Carl’s glam pants, going by the towering inferno that is his voice and his half-voguing, half-jiving moves!” 

For information about the tour contact: John Bownas, 07876 390065