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The Ultimate Festival Survival Guide
Whether it be mastering the mosh-pit, tackling touts, keeping yourself mud-free, or just arriving at a festival fully prepared, our survival guide series will help keep you one step ahead this summer... Full Story
Help find festival stars of the future
With MySpace becoming increasingly cluttered with gospel choirs and bluegrass combos, a new website,, has just been set up to provide an alternative online music community. Full Story
Your festival stars predicted for 2006
Impatient for the official announcements, we consulted the stars, via our resident astrologer Mystic Mick, to find out what the coming festival year has in store. If you believe in this sort of thing, prepare to be very excited. We certainly are! Full Story

Hammer your hangover this winter
The season of festive fun, excessive drinking, and arse-photocopying office parties has officially begun. There's nothing you can do to banish the shame, but you can take steps to sort out that hangover... Full Story
Survive the winter...
The hippies have moved home, Alabama 3 are back in rehab, and Glasto's cows are on a world cruise - it can only be winter. So how to count down the days until another summer of festivals? Full Story

How to Survive Rock Festivals!
With this summer shaping up to be the loudest of all time, with more rock and metal on than ever before, Virtual Festivals have teamed up with Nokia to tell you all you need to know, to crank your enjoyment up to 11! Full Story
Don't fall over! Survive Dance Festivals
Seems easy, eh? Turn up, boogie all day and night, go home, and get up for church the next day. But no, many a casualty has been spawned through lack of adherence to the dance festival code... Full Story

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